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“Where Have You Been?”

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Yes, I know I haven’t posted for a couple days, so I better update on how things have been going.  Friday, I went in to work out before I did anything else for the day.  I ran into Debbie starting her own workout, so after I ran a mile and I rode bike for 20 minutes, she and I were able to walk the track for 15 minutes or so.  It’s so easy for time to get away from you when you have a distraction.  Walking with a friend, turning on the tv, or turning up the music,  and all of a sudden an hour has gone and you haven’t even thought about it.  Unfortunately, I needed to be on the run, so I had to leave Debbie and run off to Sioux Falls.

Rachel’s birthday is today.  11 years old.  After I walked with Debbie, I went shopping in Sioux Falls for Rachel’s birthday present and party.  I was on the hunt for Peace Signs — the theme for this year’s party.  I’m not a shopper, so I guarantee I find walking the mall to be a really big workout. By the time, I was done in Sioux Falls five hours, a mall, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby and the grocery store later, I was exhausted and my feet and back hurt more than when I walked up Crazy Horse carrying an 18 mos. old.  On the way home, I stopped at Colman to watch the boys play another winning basketball game against the C-E Hawks.  By the time I made it home and put all the groceries away, it was after 11:00 pm.

Saturday, Rachel had a basketball game in the morning. Then Dacey had play practice, then he stopped home for lunch, and turned around and went to a double-header in Estelline.  Besides keeping up with the kids, I had Saturday to get my house cleaned for Rachel’s sleepover birthday party on Sunday night.  I still hadn’t put Christmas away and all the give-aways from the closets we cleaned in the last snow storm were sitting in my living room. Plus, we needed to make cupcakes and food for two parties for Rachel, and since the sleepover was going to be in the studio, we needed to get that ready as well.  It was a lot for Rachel and me to do by ourselves.  Once again I felt like cleaning was enough of a workout, especially with all of the up and downs of taking down the Christmas tree and hauling boxes and lifting furniture to get all the ornaments that the cat chased all over the house, and have you ever noticed that laundry seems to grow out of every room in your house.   Midnight came and went and I finally was able to sit on all the furniture in my living room, the cupcakes were frosted and all the presents were wrapped.

Sunday, everyone got up early and helped to finish decorating, made barbecue for the family party in town, went to church and worked nursery duty.  Then we went to the cc and all of Rachel’s grandparents and Aunt Linda came to have bbq’s and wish Rachel a happy birthday.  When that was done, Rachel, Linda and I took  a half an hour and walked laps upstairs.  I didn’t work up a sweat, but it was nice to visit with Linda, and to relax and regroup my thinking in the middle of all the family and birthday chaos.  When we came home Dacey had play practice and then his debut performance of  the school one-act play.  Family came, Rachel’s friends met us there, and Dacey, along with the entire crew, did an awesome performance.  We were so proud and impressed with them all.

Then Rachel’s five female classmates came over and spent the night.  Dacey set up a dj system for Rachel and her friends in the studio and they ran black lights and strobes and danced until midnight.  I can understand why kids can eat anything.  They move non-stop.  The more they get tired, the more they move and the more they eat.  At 12:30, I made popcorn, put a movie in and fell asleep. The girls, although restless, fell asleep not too much later.  By 7:00 am, they were all up and moving.

Dacey had another big day with his regional performance of the one-act play in Watertown, and then the beginning of the DVC tournaments in Colman.  He was literally home for 30 min. before he came home that night at 11:30.  Rachel’s friends slowly made their way home by 1:00 pm and then I finally was able to clean up and go back to my paying job in the studio.  By this time, I knew I had caught Mike’s cold from last week, and I could hardly keep my eyes open, they were watering so bad.  Rachel had crashed in the house, and I joined her as soon as I was able.

I finally had a full night’s sleep and woke up this morning feeling almost human again — although a little sniffly.  So what I learned from this marathon of kids’ craziness:

1) I’m getting old.  I can’t keep up with my kids’ schedule even if I try.  I need my sleep.

2) I can’t and don’t want to eat like they do.  Dacey said they had a contest at Pizza Ranch to see which team could eat the most and his team won, with 26 plates of food split between seven boys.  Remember, guys, when you could do that in high school.  Mike does.

The girls ate candy, and cake, and banana splits and chips all night long, and I am sure with all the dancing and sledding and cartwheels and giggling they did,   all that sugar made them more active.  Me, one piece of cake and a little ice cream and I feel sluggish and ready for a nap.  Today I went back to regular meals and healthy choices and I already feel better.

3) I’m thankful for all the coaches and parents and teachers who keep up with my kids’ craziness and come up with more, because most of you are my age or older, and have to be as tired as I am.

So, my suggestion for the day:  Get enough sleep–7 to 8 hours a night, and a  20 minute nap when you  need it.  Lack of sleep will wear your system down faster than anything else.  It will also trigger your brain into eating higher sugared carbohydrates to keep stimulating your body to keep in motion.  Then for me, my suggestion is to go back to my routine in the studio –enough partying with my kids.  It’s too much work!