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What are we working on?

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It’s crunch time at the studio. We’ve framed everything that needs framing. We’re cranking out the albums on the computer. Thanksgiving is almost here.

I thought I’d give you a taste of one of our senior albums. This is a two page spread of Zach’s Rave Book.

We love this time of year and being busy. This year’s Christmas deadline isn’t Thanksgiving or even the first of December. We can push it until the week before Christmas. If we can get you in the studio and photographed by the 17th, we should be able to fill your order. Any later than that, we can try, but it might not get delivered in time for Christmas.

So what do we like the best about the holidays?

When everyone has their orders and we can spend time with our wonderful kids. The pressure is off.

And we get to sleep in…