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Time for a Tea Break?

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We started the day with Lisa by the pool.  That little bit of ache I felt in my shoulder yesterday was a full-blown pain today.  After a few laps in the pool hoping it would loosen up, I gave up and used a kickboard, giving Mike a chance to keep up with me in the pool today.  Lisa gave us a little bit of break anyway, splitting up the laps with some water jogging.  After the pool, Mike was still full of something, so we went upstairs and did a little on the bikes.  My shoulder was really bothering me, so I gave up quickly and hit the showers.

When we got back to the studio, I read up on my health websites how you can actually slow down your weight loss by overdoing your workout (specially if you hurt your shoulder)  The concept is that you lose weight during recovery not during the workout, so you need your rest in between.  Good, because I had no intention of letting Mike drag me back up to the cc for the rest of the day.  I came home and put icyhot on my shoulder, which burned more than it helped, but the rest definitely helped.

My other discovery for the day was the suggestion to drink green tea before your workout.  I had heard that green tea is full of good antioxidants, but the article I was reading suggested that while the caffeine in green tea boosts your energy, the other antioxidants actually helps to digest the fatty acids and burn calories more efficiently during your workout.  So, there you go, Nicole, one more reason to give up the diet coke  and try green tea.  The ladies at the cc were discussing giving up pop for lent.  Give it a try — Switch your coke for green tea, juice spritzers, or good ole fashion water.  You’ll be feeling great and leaving all that extra calories behind before you know it.