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Selling by projection

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Selling by projection is a hot-button topic among photographers.

Traditionally, photographers have used proofs to sell their images to customers. The era of the film photographer is mostly dead and gone. We don’t have to wait any more for the film to be developed and the proofs to come back from the lab. Digital capture has changed everything and has added new options.

We’ve been selling by projection only for 4 years for everything except weddings. Most sales occur right after we finish taking pictures. We shoot, download and sell all in one session. This allows us for you to pick out your images right away saving you valuable time. With children’s sessions, we let the kids play with the toys while Mom and Dad review the images. Many times we do a second set of images as the kids relax and become more comfortable. For reunions, everyone can pick out their favorites right away, order their prints and write the check. We regularly to our projector and laptop out of the studio for onlocation family reunions.

With seniors, we pretouch all of the images before the sale so we do schedule a separate session for viewing the images.

The actual process is simple. We go through the images and get rid of the obvious bad pictures and then we put them up side by side to compare. In very little time, we help you get it down to the very best of each pose. We also can create composite images for wall portraits right away.