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Results are In — Week 2

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The results from last week’s weighin are in and we are off to a great start:  We have 17 members, starting with a total weight of 2976 lbs.  Last week we weighed in at 2950.5 lbs. A total weight loss of 25.5 lbs.  For you “Biggest Loser” fans, that’s 0.86% of our total weight.  Way to go, Team!

Funny thing, though.  Mike was worried that we would all lose too much weight and he would lose too much money for the United Way.  Today, he said he thought we all need to kick it up a notch, since he lost the most last week.  All right, Mike.  Team,  help me out, this week.  Use the next couple days to really kick up the workout and keep away from the leftover birthday cake.  I really need some of you to help out this week,  because, besides the birthday bash,  the bug Mike shared with me kept me cuddled in yesterday so one less workout for me.

We did work out with Lisa today, and she really pushed working legs and back, plus, we did some crazy upside down things on the ball.  Anything where my head is lower than my feet makes me nervous.  My balance is not that good.  Tomorrow, if the ice cooperates, we will do a GET active workout, and Friday will be Mike’s favorite, swimming.

Team, don’t forget to send this week’s weight in before Friday.  Have a great week!