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Prairie Bowl: Chester vs Howard – South Dakota Sports Photography

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I left for Sioux Falls at 3:00 on Friday afternoon. Howard and Chester were playing each other in the Prairie Bowl at Howard Wood Field. The game of these two rivals lived up to the hype.

We’ve photographed seniors on both teams. It was fun to see them in action and tough to decide who to cheer for. Here are a few from Friday night’s game.

09-13-10 QRS_9930

09-13-10 QRS_9962

09-13-10 QRS_9976

09-13-10 QRS_0010

09-13-10 QRS_0020

09-13-10 QRS_0027

09-13-10 QRS_0034

09-13-10 QRS_0043

09-13-10 QRS_0072

09-13-10 QRS_0086

09-13-10 QRS_0142

09-13-10 QRS_0183

09-13-10 QRS_0215

09-13-10 QRS_0238

09-13-10 QRS_0270