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Playing in the DIRT

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Today Brandon Sievers of Dakota Plumbing came out to play in the dirt.

When we replaced the front door of the studio, we found rot on the sill plate. When the church was moved in, they poured concrete to form the step right against the wooden sill. Over the years, rain seeped through the crack and let water in. We spent three days putting in the new door and repairing the sill. Johnson Brothers Construction of Madison hauled away the concrete steps several years ago along with several semi loads of dead trees.

We didn’t replace the steps right away because we need to finish the restoration of the bell tower. That happened two years ago. Dalton Williams braved the heights on a 50 ft lift. Last Fall we had the studio insulated including the space under the entry of the church.

We haven’t used the front door for over 5 years. We’ve had our customers come in the front side door that takes you into a short stairway. We wanted to be able to hold the dirt back from the mound by the front door so we could continue to use the side door during the winter.

Branden came up with some field stone to stabilize the side.

Branden finally did get tired of playing in the dirt by late afternoon. We have quite a ways to go yet, but the initial dirt work is done. We have to plant grass sometime next week.

This was one of those projects that came together on short notice. We’ve been waiting to do this for a very long time and when Branden said tomorrow, I jumped at the chance. A few hours later, Rick brought out the first load of clay from the Gravel Pit in Madison. Thanks to Donna, Rick and Lee for getting the clay, topsoil and gravel out to us so fast. I really appreciate it.