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Our son, Dacey

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1-19-07_NDX_0026_DaceyI like to brag about our son, Dacey.

Occasionally, we bring Dacey to the weddings of our close friends. He came along in October to Jessica and Andrew’s wedding and we put a camera in his hands and let him go.

Now Dacey grew up in the studio and is very comfortable behind the camera and working on the computer in Photoshop. He’s always looking for that different angle. We had taken Jessica and Andrew outside the church trying to find a place out of the wind. I looked down to find Dacey lying in the grass getting his own view of the couple.

When it came time to put the album together, Dacey had several images to include.

Someday not to far down the road, Dacey will be coming to every wedding, but for now he’s just content in being 11 and having fun with his friends.