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One More Day

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So, Aaron reminds me that tomorrow is the last day for the fitness challenge.  I hope it has been as fun for you as it was for me.  I have lost 12 lbs, and I think Mike has lost about the same.  Next week we will put up the final results.  In the meantime, make sure you send in your final results, so we can all cheer together.

Today, as we worked out with Lisa, I felt like we made great strides this last eight weeks.  Lisa had us running on the treadmill, and after a mile and a half, I didn’t feel so winded that I thought I was going to die, like I did eight weeks ago.  Mike started out in over-do mode today and was pushing out extra miles on the track, and extra reps on the weights.  After Mike gave out,  I then hit the pool for a few short laps.  Although I still have a twinge in my shoulder, I felt comfortable swimming pretty well non-stop for a half an hour without a break.  Now, I can’t say I’ll ever be a beautiful swimmer, or runner for that matter, but it’s nice to feel like I can accomplish whatever the task was that was set before me.

Now some may have noticed that my husband has become obsessed with his workouts.  Well, that’s Mike for you.  But, all the studies this week are suggesting that several short  intense workouts might be better  for strength-training  and heart health than long moderate workouts.  Calorie experts are still suggesting consistency is necessary to maintain or lose weight.  So what does this mean,  well, maybe new news isn’t really that new.  Maybe we need to combine a couple days of intense (Michael-like) interval training.  Boost up your cardio workout faster than you are used to for 2-5 minutes and then back off and rest for a 1-2 minutes before you kick it up again.  Then the next day take it a little easier with a nice easy walk or jog.  Maybe someday we will even be able to do that outside again.  It’s ok and often necessary to take a day or two off to recover from intense exercise, but if you are like me, it only takes a day or two to totally get out of the routine and suddenly not be paying any attention to working out or watching the diet.  So, for me those off days, I have to try to keep the slower moderate exercise on the schedule.

So, now that I’ve ramble on for awhile.  Don’t let the end of this fitness challenge be the end of your 2010 health kick.  Yes, I know those resolutions were left behind at least a month ago, but remember 22 days make a habit and so  hopefully, you’ve made a few new healthy choices and are well past those 22 days.  Of course, if you haven’t or oops, let a couple of those great plans go, you can always start again tomorrow.  Twenty-two days from today is still before swimsuit season.