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My Dog is Trying to Kill Me

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My mother and other “non-dog-in-the-house” people don’t quite understand how a dog ends up in your bed.  I was right there with them until three years ago,  when this cute fluffy  8 week old white fur ball that you invited into your life cries all night long from the kennel, because it can’t get close enough to you.  You eventually acquiesce and once it cuddles up under your chin, you’re stuck for life with a dog in your bed.  So, my life goes 360 days of the year, but for the last week, my dog has been up every hour or less, whimpering to get up, get a drink, go outside, wander the house, whatever…  I feel like I have a newborn again, and I empathize with all those young parents wandering their houses in the middle of the night,  wondering if they ever will have a whole night’s worth of sleep.

Yes, you will for a year or so between the ages of 12-14, when they can’t stay out all night past curfew yet, and they hate to get up in the morning, so you get  your sleep between midnight and 8 in the morning.  Then give it up again, because you’ll spend the next six years going to basketball games in far off locations, chaperoning prom functions, all-night youth rallies, and giggly sleepovers,  or worrying about whether they are alive when it’s two in the morning and they haven’t found their way home again.

What’s this have to do with the fitness challenge, ElizaBeth?  Mmm, well, I didn’t get to sleep until 5:00 a.m,  so I didn’t do my workout this morning.  (Sorry, Lisa.)  As much as I loved my time with my kids when they were younger, it was a lot harder then to plan time to workout and get time for myself.  At that time in our lives, it seemed neverending, but, good news, (I think) we did get past it, and now, my kids don’t care how much time I spend on myself, as long as their clothes are clean, there’s food in the frig,  and money in their pockets. Never mind it takes a full time person to make sure they are that well-loved.

On to other good news.  The scale likes me today.  Another two pounds down, and, yes, Shari, the sun IS shining today, which always helps to get us going.  By the way, Shari owns Second St. Diner, and after my blog the other day, commented that they have  new menu items for the fitness challenge.  I missed it on Sunday.  She’s is looking awesome these days after her own transformation.  “Weigh 2 go!” So, stop by the diner and ask her for her recommendations.  I will have to say the Diner  has always been a good place for me to go, and special order foods that fit my needs, so if you have special dietary needs make sure you discuss your options with the waiters.

Yesterday, I had a quick workout while Mike was taking some weight off his head, in the form of a haircut.  He looks better, thanks Jackie.  7 miles on the bike and a quick ab routine, then back to work in the studio.  In the evening, while Mike and the kids went to yet another basketball game,  I did my grocery shopping for the month.  Talk about a weightlifting workout:  By the time I hauled six loads of groceries through the back yard, over the snowbank and to the kitchen, then cleaned out the refrigerator and stuffed everything away, my arms and shoulders were exhausted.

Suggestion for the day:  When grocery shopping, shop the outside edges of the store first, that’s where they keep all the good stuff we’ve been working on.  Aisle one-produce, and deli.  I picked up my veggies for the week.  Remember colorful is good, so I found some great sweet red peppers.  I stopped by the deli to get turkey for sandwiches.  Try a pepper variety for a little kick–Dacey’s favorite.  Off to the bakery in the back, for the good bread.  I try to keep a loaf of rye or multi-grain loaf in the house.  I also found some buns that had flax seed in them.  For some reason, Hy-Vee in Brookings keeps the frozen chicken right next to the bakery — not sure why, but the easiest way to keep chicken breasts at hand are the frozen ones, and they were on sale, so I stocked up.  Over to the dairy, for milk, yogurt and cottage cheese and then at the final corner, is the organic aisle, where we find all those good seeds we talked about. After you do the outside of the store, shop with your list  in hand on the inside of the store, getting the canned and cooking goods you need, that way you avoid splurging on the cookies, chips and other temptations that fill the center of the stores.

On the list was dill pickles.  Thanks, Jan, for the suggestion.  They helped to curb the munchies last night. Try to eat chocolate after a dill pickle.  It just doesn’t work, (unless you’re pregnant.)  So, I think I’ll go add one to my turkey sandwich and take my dog for a walk in the sunshine.  Maybe if I wear my dog out today, I’ll get to sleep tonight.