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In the Groove

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Ever have those moments when everything just clicks, and you feel like you can keep moving forward forever.  I had one of those moments yesterday.  I started going to a new Bible study yesterday led by friend Jill, and figured I could  get a noontime swim workout done before going home.  By the time I made it up to the CC, it was already 12:30, but figured I would hop into the pool and get as many laps as I could in before the pool closed at 1:00 pm.  Normally, 20 laps for me takes almost an hour so I was planning about 10 laps, maybe a little more.  I started clicking off the laps and the more I swam the better I felt, so I kept going. Watching the clock, I hopped out of the pool just before 1:00, and had completed 28 laps!  Funny thing is I still had energy to spare so I threw on my gym clothes and ran upstairs, hopped on a spin bike and biked 6 miles in 21 minutes.

Only down side–the cold my daughter shared with me settled into our ears. When I got out of the pool,  I couldn’t shake that water in my ear feeling, and I couldn’t hear a thing.  You’ d think, as a mother, that would be a good thing;  I could ignore my kids for a while, but, no, not so helpful in real life. I stopped by Lewis to see what they had for “Swimmer’s ear” — Most of the products that are over the counter are 99% alcohol,  in a little bit of gel, which is fine, but I don’t really need to buy a$4  per ounce bottle of rubbing alcohol.  Dr. Oz had a home remedy that recommended olive oil and garlic but Rachel and I aren’t real thrilled with the smell of garlic coming out of our ears. Finally, I did find a homeopathic mixture that had camomile and witch hazel in it.  That seems to help.  At least, I could hear for a little while.

Unfortunately, that “In the Groove” feeling doesn’t last for long, and today, the cold is definitely taking effect, and my brain and body is slow-moving.  I’m on the attack with this cold though.  Kick it in the butt, before it kicks me.  This morning, I took my Claritin, took my echinacia, took my vitamins, sucked on a zinc tablet, and made myself a big pot of tea with lemon.  With the weather not so great again, I think I’ll stick to a less intense exercise day,  and be ready to find that groove again tomorrow.