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Ice is our friend!

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We are more than three months into our workout program. We are stronger, faster and better than ever before. We are also in pain after Justin at the Community Center in Madison puts us through our paces.

Ice is our friend. It deadens the sore knees and shin splints so we can function the day after our workout.

Has it gotten easier?

Easier is a relative term. The first two months of personal training was an exercise in personal torture, pulled muscles, tweaked joints and sleepless nights – getting up every morning was like the first few scenes of the movie “North Dallas Forty”. In the last few weeks, we’ve discovered that we don’t hurt quite as much. We can lift our arms above our heads without the primeal scream.

Life on the backside of thirty is not easy. The body does not recover as we think it should. Reclaiming youth and turning back the clock is hard…but possible.

The end result will be felt this summer. Weddings are a tough workout. When we do a friday and a saturday wedding, we feel it for a few days. Now it will be easier to bounce back faster.

Ice is our friend.