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Half Way There!

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February is here, and we made it to the middle of the challenge.  Last week, as a team, we didn’t do so well.  We’re still heading the right direction — We lost 3.3 more lbs, but out of nineteen members, that’s not exactly an overwhelming percentage.  Now, I know Mike and I didn’t pull our share last week, but this week the scale is loving us, so I plan on everything going well for you, too.

The dog and I went for a three mile walk outside yesterday.  As long as I headed north, the weather wasn’t too bad, but when I turned toward home, I could really feel the wind on my face, and reminded me why we haven’t been out much this winter.  The weather is changing again today.  The sidewalks are already icy, with freezing mist, and snow is coming tomorrow.  Then it’s supposed to get cold again.  Gotta Love Winter.  Anyway, the extra Vitamin D from what little sun we had yesterday must have helped because the dog slept last night, and I woke up more well rested.

Mike had Lisa all to himself yesterday, and she worked his legs.  He came home whining, so she must have given him a good work out.  As much as Mike and I like to work out together, sometimes it’s good to go it alone, the trainers will give you just a little more intense workout than in a group.    I felt guilty for missing, so when Rachel went to church, I ran 1.5 miles, and kicked up the speed a little from what I had been running.  Then I did my own leg workout, but I’m not whining today.

Suggestion for the Day:  Here’s a new thought.  Watch the artificial sweeteners.  More and more studies are connecting aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to all sorts of disorders and also increase problems with diabetes and metabolic syndromes.Now, this seems counter intuitive since we use artificial sweeteners to curb calories, but often times sweeteners contain hidden calories in their foods, and there seems to be some connection between aspartame and increased appetite.  On top of that, sweeteners have also been connected to mood disorders, fibromyalgia, and cancer studios.

Last year,  I wanted a little flavor to my water, so I started adding those little flavor packets to my water bottles, and almost immediately started having problems with my mood and energy level.  After hearing and reading about connections to the sweeteners in those packets, I gave them up and returned to plain water.  I notice now that my mood is generally better and my energy has definitely improved.  I can’t prove that there was a connection but I’m suspicious.

So, diet coke drinkers, I know you’re going to hate me, but consider it.  Switch your diet cola to water or tea and see if you’re energy doesn’t improve.  You might just be sabotaging your own efforts without realizing it.