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Great Food and New Jiggles

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Had to kick up the work out today.  Last night we went to Montgomery’s Furniture for their “Second Chance for Romance” Event.  Several local business showed their wares, while we thoroughly enjoyed wine and amazing appetizers provided by Shari & Blaine from 2nd St. Diner.  I could definitely see those Luscious “cakes on a stick” as a great wedding fare.  They were wonderfully presented and so luscious.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure from the stuffed mushrooms to the coconut shrimp, there wasn’t anything there that I would call “on the diet plan,”  so after totally spoiling ourselves last night and then joining Shari again for her buffet today, Mike and I really had to get to work this afternoon.

Mike and Lori Waldner were just finishing their workout when we arrived.  Not sure I will ever be able  to (or maybe want to) keep up with their intense workout routines but love to see another couple working out together and looking better every day.

Anyway, Mike and I headed upstairs while the kids headed to the pool.  Mike was running sprints on the treadmill, while I hopped on and just started running.  I think I could feel every bite of that delicious meal jiggling around, so even though I had planned to run one and a half miles, I gave up just short of that.  Then I hopped on the bike and rode 6 miles.  Of course, in the back of my head is that I only have 6 days before I have to do this whole craziness in front of other people.

I then did a quick arm workout,  because I have noticed lately that Yes, I am truly getting old, and all those saggy places my mother and grandmother always complained about when I was young and sure I would always have everything firm and in their original places, now jiggle all over the place on me.  Finally, I  hit the pool just in time to join my daughter after the break.  The pool was busy today as it frequently is on Sundays, but I did half laps for a while and then horsed around with Rachel for awhile, before going back to another set of half laps.  When I was done, my shoulders were giving me fits, so I must have done the arm workout that I wanted to get in.

Tomorrow morning, Lisa and Mike have an early morning swim workout planned again.  Considering I’m already tired and I know how excited Mike is to really push it this last week, I think I may be really tired before Saturday gets here.  It’s a good thing I have a finish line in sight to keep me going.