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First Moments: Tips on making your wedding photography experience better

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8-13-07_NDX_2610aThis image comes from Drew and Jill’s reception slideshow of their first moments.

We usually pictures start 3 hours before the ceremony. Why so much time? We like things to be stress free. Nothing is worse than trying to jam 2 hours of pictures into 30 minutes. We allow you to enjoy your day and talk to your friends and family while we take the pictures. If someone is running late, we have enough cushion to work around the missing person and still get everything we want.

We start with your first moments together. The traditional ideal was that the groom would not see the bride until she walked down the aisle. In fantasy, this works perfectly. In reality, it’s not the perfect moment. When couples see each other for the first time all dressed up, there is a huge flood of emotion. There are things that they want to share with each other. They want to fill themselves with the moment. They want to kiss, hold hands, hug and say “I love you!” You aren’t able to do that in front of a church full of people. The opportunity to be alone together after the ceremony doesn’t come until the reception is over and the dance has ended.

The moment is gone forever. It can only be enjoyed once. We want to make sure that you remember your day as one filled with joy, family and friends, rather than a frantic sprint where everything is a blur.