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Digging out

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Dacey and Rachel were excited to get out on Saturday morning and shovel a path to the studio.

The roads were terrible in the morning. The Interstate was still closed as of noon north of Brookings. Getting off the I-29 was a 20 minute ordeal. Trucks were parked everywhere on the side of the highway. The line of cars trying to get off was very long.

The competition prints for the affiliated regional judging at the Northern Light Convention in Fargo arrived a little late. My thanks go out to Jayne Erickson for transporting my print case. The print competition is today.

This morning is so much better than yesterday: you can drive on the roads without any worry.

Not to make anyone nervous but Dad called this morning to ask if I was ready for 8 to 10 inches of more snow later on this week. A few weeks ago I would’ve told him that he was crazy. It’s completely possible after looking outside today. I’m ready for green grass, leaves on the trees and 70 degrees with no wind.