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Day Two

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From ElizaBeth:

Thank you to everyone who has checked in. We have 11 team members so far plus several other “cheerleaders” who are cooperating with other teams. If you are on the fence, you still have time to join our team. No stress -the more people we have, the more we get to share the weight. My mom asked what happens if we gain weight. Don’t worry, with Amber, our pencil-thin assistant, plus Dacey, our never-stop growing 14 year-old on the team, someone is bound to gain weight. Although our personal goal is weight-loss, the bigger picture is healthier and happier and more active in 2010.

Today Mike and I made it into the cc for our workouts on our own. You would think that would be the norm for us, but not so much, as usually we are working around Lisa, the trainer’s schedule, or two kids busy “drive me here — quick grab a workout between dropping off one and here comes the the other kid.

Another member was starting a GET active class and told me she was struggling with arthritis. The nice thing about getting to know the trainers up there is they can really help you with the things that slow us down. The trainer was able to adjust her work out to activities that would not hurt her arthritis. I know others with similar problems have had great luck with the water aerobics class — again easy on the joints.

Then Mike showed up with complaints about numbness in his leg, and Jason, the fitness director, gave him some exercises to help with that. Nicole, one of the other trainers, was busy writing out a specific workout for one of her clients. Anyway, it’s nice to know you can have someone help gear you in the right direction when you feel like you don’t know what you are doing.

Suggestion for the day: Have breakfast with your kids tomorrow. Dacey’s favorite breakfast is an egg scrambled with every vegetable we can find. Some one said we like a little egg with our vegetables. Grill up onions, mushrooms, spinach and a jalapeno and add an egg and a little pepper jack cheese. If you’re high in cholesterol, do egg whites instead. Dr. Oz said this week, that spicy foods can actually curb your appetite, and starting your day with a healthy breakfast definitely gets your metabolism going and gives energy to your day. I never believed it when I was younger, but a good breakfast in the a.m definitely helps me eat healthier all day long.