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Day One — Oops, Day two

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So, here we are on the fitness challenge. Yeah. I (ElizaBeth) weighed in yesterday. It’s easy- ok, maybe weighing myself is always scary, but generally pain free. The CC has a digital scale right next to the “official” box. Mike weighed in over the weekend. I don’t really like digital scales, so I use my own at home and then stopped by and dropped off my weight. But you can also send your weighins in through email ( Make sure you tell them who you are and what team you are playing with.

The scale was good to me yesterday. I had dropped two pounds since last week, 6 pounds since the week before. That means all the extra time at the CC last week, playing in the pool with the kids paid off a little. It’s a good way to start, and hopefully, will keep me going this week, when the weather is suppose to be cold and snowy again.

We had a swim workout with Lisa (our trainer) yesterday. Mike hates swim workouts. Not having spent much time in the water, Mike always feels like a beached whale in the water. Not to make fun of him (ok — maybe a little) but it’s pretty amazing as little as he likes water that he was able to pull off the triathlon last year (6 laps in the pool or 300 yards) . I personally like water workouts. They are a great way to get a full body workout without killing any one muscle area and really strengthens the core muscles. (My core muscles always need strengthening.) And at the end, you don’t feel all sweaty and gross like you do with anything involved in running.

So, my least favorite workout is anything with running. As far as I can tell, short squatty people like me are not build for sprinting or long distance. Almost all the trainers up at the cc love to run and I give a lot of credit to the friends I have (DaLayne, Kim, Pam,) who have taken up running half marathons in the last couple years. And to the really sick people like Jason, Jeanne, Kathy and Nicole who run more than that. I will keep plugging along on my short little distances because I know “it’s good for me.” Besides I feel like I conquered an Iron Man when I make it a mile without breaking a sweat.

Now, If you haven’t signed up on the fitness challenge. Here’s your chance. Come along beside us and help us make 2010 a healthier year for all of us. If you have, here’s your challenge for the day.–Do something you haven’t done. Last week Erica did a GET Active session with me. It’s a mini session (45 min) with a trainer. Usually there’s one to four others in the group. I think she discovered it wasn’t as painful as she thought it would be and probably a little more fun. There are all sorts of classes to join, or play a game of racketball or try out the stair master in the fitness room. If nothing else, get on your kids’ new Wii and find an activity that gets your heart racing.