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Day 6 & Day 7

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Saturdays are our Mondays in the studio.  We are usually busy all day.  Studio appointments this time of year or weddings later in the spring.  The kids have two or three of their own activities, so juggling is usually the exercise of choice.  Yesterday was no exception.  Rachel had a dance recital planted in between our morning and afternoon appointments.  We had planned to workout to the Biggest Loser DVD, but we noticed when we received it that it was scratched and yesterday it wouldn’t work at all.  So no exercise.  Along with our busy days come bad eating choices.  It’s hard to find time to eat right.  We had a sandwich at Subway after the recital and then didn’t find our house for supper until almost 10:00.  It’s not uncommon for us on wedding days to have a large breakfast and not eat anything again until 9 or 10 at night.  Knowing that that is probably the worst eating pattern, I have tried to keep granola bars and water with us to keep us from “manging” on wedding mints and punch.  Almost all diet plans suggest eating consistently throughout the day so you are never starving yourself.  Smaller portions more often.  You’re also supposed to plan your meals so you don’t  find yourself in situations where you have to starve or grab fast/convenience food.  When we are in Rutland, it’s not so bad, but if we are out on sessions, it’s easy for all of those rules to go out the window.

Today, Mike and I both woke up achey, not sure if it was a touch of virus or all that time couped up with little exercise made us stiff and cranky.  Late this afternoon, I convinced Mike we needed to go work out.  The CC was busy tonight.  The sunshine must have made everybody feel more active.  I did a good cardio workout.  20 min on the stationary bike, 10 sets of stairs, and a mile on the treadmill.   I felt a lot better when I was done.  My mind was more active and I wasn’t as achey or cranky.  The endorphins must have worked.
It looks like it’s finally going to be a beautiful week, so here’s my suggestion for the day:  Play outside.  Bundle up and take a walk.  Make a snow fort or go sledding with the kids.  Trudge through some snow.  If you have the time, try snowshoeing,  cross country skiing or snowboarding.  Have fun while the weather’s on our side.  The sunlight will make you feel great, and when you come in, you can splurge on hot chocolate. 🙂

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  1. We have the same problem! We know exactly what to eat and do when we’re at home but the moment we happen to be away for the day or weekend things go down the drain. It is very hard but we figure if we put forth our best effort then real life will won’t feel so depressing if we mess up. We’ve decided that not every diet is going to fit us so we use a combination… and its working! Thanks ElizaBeth for the push.

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