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Back to the pool with Jason

ElizaBeth and I have debated attending Jason’s Monday night swim class for months. Tonight we threw caution to the wind, got rid of the “I can’ts”, sucked it up and got in the van for the trip to the Community Center.

Jason tells me that he can improve my swimming style by making me more efficient. Right now, I am up to “not drowning” in my skill level. I can cruise one lap of the pool and then gravity takes over. The arms grow tired, the feet sink and I gasp for air. I wonder how long it will take for those drills to make swimming easy.

I was expecting pain. I was pleasantly surprised. Jason isn’t known for easy workouts. The hour flew by. There might just be hope for me yet. I’m still not a big fan of water. I’d rather be at a wedding doing photography with my beautiful wife ElizaBeth, but it’s time to toughen up (again) and get into better shape.