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Another 15 lbs Down!

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Great Job, Team! We are still going the right direction.  I know last week was a really hard week, between the weather keeping us inside, and the kids and other schedules keeping us out of routine.  Now that the weather is cooperating a little, let’s get back to everyday workouts, eating right, and feeling better.  On average, our team has lost 2.6 lbs, exactly the same as the average of all the participants in the challenge.  Of course, I’m convinced we can do better so make sure you kick it up for the rest of the week.

And in other news, this week the cc asks us to vote for our favorite team.  Well, of course, that would be Black Studios! So, when you weigh in this week make sure you add Vote: Black Studios to your weigh in.  If you are just cheering us on, here’s your chance to participate, send in your vote to  Again, let them know you are voting for Black Studios.  Truthfully, I’m not sure what we win — maybe t-shirts, but bragging rights are always good.  So, this is where all you spouses and cheerleaders who wouldn’t commit comes in, send your emails in for us, or stop by the cc and drop your vote in the box.  GO, Black Studios!

Finally, after not being able to leave the house for two days, I was able to get in and get a good workout in.  I ran 1 mi, did ten sets of stairs with 8 lbs weights, walked another mile with Mike on the track, rode on the spin bikes for 6 mi, and then finished up with 8 laps in the pool.  It actually felt great, and my muscles loosened up, and I came home full of energy.  On top of that, the kids went back to school and all of their activities, so I could actually stop cooking and doing dishes nonstop.

Unfortunately, the loose muscles didn’t last, and once again, I had a fitful sleep and woke up all achy, so I am going to see my favorite chiropractor, Dr. Joe, and see if he can help me sleep better.

Suggestion for the Day:  Dr. Oz was talking about anti-aging activities today.  His suggestion for everything from skin aging to keeping the cholesterol down, to improving libido is to eat foods with color.  Red grapes and apples, tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, spinach and edamame.  So, when shopping this week, avoid the potatoes and white pasta, and buy pretty foods with lots of color.  Umm, but this doesn’t mean the gummy bear aisle!  Look, on the other side of the aisle, and treat yourself to a little red wine instead.