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Our family: Michael, Dacey and Rachel. We photograph weddings, seniors, sports, families, children, babies and engagements in eastern South Dakota. We live in beautiful Rutland SD. Our studio is just across the alley from our house, making for a very short commute. While photography is a lifestyle onto itself, we do enjoy traveling (always with a camera), hiking in the Black Hills, biking on the country roads, long walks at Lake Herman and training for triathlons at the Community Center in Madison. In reality, our lives revolve our kids as we play taxi service hauling them to their activities.
We are based in Rutland SD, an unincorporated village of 20 some people halfway between Brookings and Madison, just to the northwest of Sioux Falls. Rutland has a thriving K-12 school and a convenience store. At one time Rutland had a population of 300. Over time people moved out and a fire in the early 1960’s destroyed most of downtown. Rutland offers great opportunities for outside portraits. We have many locations within just a short walk of our studio.
Our studio is in the old Lake Park Lutheran Church. Built in 1892, the church was moved to Rutland in 1947 and had an addition added on. The church was renamed Bethel Lutheran. The congregation merged with Grace Lutheran and the church closed in 1975. Rutland School used the building for band and chorus until the mid 1980’s. We purchased the church in 1995. It is our eternal fix up project.
The church makes the perfect studio. We have 20 ft ceilings and 1500+ ft of shooting and office space on the main floor. This makes it a photographer’s dream especially with large groups. We have plenty of room to let kids play as Mom and Dad pick out their pictures.

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