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Karstyn & Positive Thinking

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Little Karstyn just fits my mood this week. That awesome “In the Groove” feeling didn’t really last into the weekend.  Friday I struggled with my cold.  I did take Angel out for a walk, but after a mile and a half,  the wind and the mud chased us back to the house and hot baths for both of us. Friday night and Saturday morning, I was busy chasing two year old boys in the studio.  They were so much fun, but I think I got my strength training in just trying to keep them anywhere near a camera.

Saturday, Sunday and today, I did my workout, running, biking, whatever.  I actually worked pretty hard each time, but I’ve come away feeling, hmm, unfulfilled. Not that huge adrenaline, “I accomplished something” feeling that I had last week.

So, I get back to the studio this afternoon, and the “Biggest Loser” email tells me to “Quit My Whining.”   Basically, the blurb suggests replacing all those negative thinking with positive ones.  You know,  “I don’t want to do this any more.  I’m bored with this exercising.  It’s too much work doing this every day.  I just want to eat Twin Bings and hot chocolate for every meal for the rest of my life. ”  Ok, so I don’t really want to eat just Twin Bings, because since I haven’t had them forever, they really don’t taste as good as fresh “in season” fruit.  And, I really like to exercise most of the time.  I just need to switch it up to keep it fun.  And, I know all that hard work is paying off, because my clothes fit better, and I feel better.  So, think positive, go for a walk, do yoga, or play “happy” music to improve my mood, and keep little ones like Karstyn around to keep the yucky stuff all in perspective.