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Erika, Mike and Megan all said they wanted to go work out with me today, so I signed us up for a GET active session, even though I definitely was feeling the leg workout from yesterday.  Then, one by one, they all bailed on me.  So, there I was stuck working out with Lisa again.  Gotta love her! After I ran/walked a mile on a very busy track, the rest of our group was ready and she started two of us on the spin bikes, while the others ran on the ellipticals.  Kristine, who was riding next to me, hadn’t used the bikes before.  Make sure when you start to reset your seat and handle bars to a comfortable position; it will be easier on your legs and back.  Anyway, Lisa had us do several sets of standing pedaling.  My sore quads were seriously complaining.

Then we went into the aerobics room and worked with the TRX: Those are those torture straps you’ll find hanging in the aerobics room.  Generally, you use your body as weight against the straps to do all sorts of exercises.  Anything standing up isn’t too bad– bicep curls, triceps, even push ups can be adjusted to how difficult you want to make it.  However, Lisa was into upside down exercises again.  Put your feet in the straps and do push ups, planks, knee ups–generally stand on your head.  The college students standing around all had their chins on the floor — not sure whether they were laughing at the exercises, or the difficulty of which us three 30 to 40 somethings were struggling to accomplish each task.  We did a couple rounds of each of these with sets of stairs in between.  In the end, I was tired, and my hope was that the workout would loosen up the tight rear end muscles–It didn’t.

So,  I decided to check out the hot tub.  Much better, although a little crowded when I got there.  At 5:00, there is a water aerobics class.  It wasn’t well attended but looked like a fun class.  Maybe a good starter class for those looking for a low impact workout.  Besides, the aerobics class, the pool keeps one lane open for lap swimming.  Jason was there doing his crazy multitudes of laps, but he did share one side so I did 10 or so nice slow easy laps.  It was actually relaxing tonight, as I didn’t have to hurry to get to the rest of the workout and I didn’t have any little people grabbing my attention. After the laps, I finally felt a little looser and ready to go home.

On the way home, I received the message from Erika that she got caught up at work, so I guess I’ll have to forgive her for ditching me. The ice and fog truly are  scary , so I don’t really blame anyone for not wanting to drive too far.  I came home to an empty house so I was able to have veggies for supper, with no one begging me to cook.  All in all a good end to this week.  Hopefully, it will pay off on the scale tomorrow morning.

Suggestion for the day: Boost the fruit.  Mom just sent me an email about all the benefits of bananas- Everything from curing indigestion to curing warts with the peelings (who knew?)  I did know bananas are full of potassium and are highly recommended if you struggle with leg cramps. We’ve been eating fresh pineapple– It’s so sweet and juicy– add a little lemon yogurt for a sweet breakfast or end of the day snack.  Of course, my favorites are berries, blueberries, strawberries, even cranberries are great antioxidant boosts and a great sweet treat.  Anyway, trade out the chocolate this week for a fruity treat.