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Another Blizzard.  Another Day stuck in the house.  Another Day of too much eating and not enough exercise.

The wedding went off without a hitch on Saturday.  The weather stayed warm so the ice didn’t build up and, other than a little bit of fog and a whole lot of slush, Amanda and Brian had a beautiful day.  With one fussy little one, and two overly excited other children, I definitely got my exercise.  Thank you, little Hyde, for all the weightlifting.  Amanda was  beautiful and as radiant as I’ve ever seen her.  It was fun to be at a wedding where we probably knew 80% of the people there, and we were even able to stay late enough for my husband to dance one dance with me.

Unfortunately, Rachel was sick on Saturday and Mike was achy on Sunday, so we stayed home in what was our little opportunity to get out and about.  Then the temperatures dropped and the snow started falling and the wind started blowing, and no one was going anywhere.  Today the wind has been blowing between 30- 50 mph all day long.  Frequently, we can’t see between the house and the church, and the one dash Dacey made to the store for caffeine taught him how people get lost in storms.  His footprints were already gone by the time he came back.

I think all the sitting around has made me achier than when I exercise, because my back and shoulders feel like I’ve biked fifty miles today.  Lisa called to see when we would come to workout, and I laughed and said not today.  Not much point to even try shoveling today.  And, the lack of sun makes doing anything seem like more of an effort than I really want to put into it.  I will try to get motivated to at least put the Biggest Loser DVD in before the day is over.

Suggestion for the Day:  Get enough sunlight.  Boy, that’s a hard one with weather so uncooperative, but I definitely feel the difference when I get sunlight.  It gives me energy, lightens my mood, and helps me get more done.  I do have a full spectrum light in the studio.  I’ve always had it on the other desk, but for now, I will turn it around and see if the extra artificial light helps to replace what I need until I can go outside again.