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No workout today.  It’s a wedding day! Usually weddings take a lot out of us, energy wise and physically.  Lots of running around, chasing kids, hard floors.  We’re usually shot on Sunday.  Today, however I am sore enough still from the workouts this week, I think the wedding activity will be a nice change of routine and rest to my tired glutes.  I did get up and make a big breakfast  –waffles (with flax), bacon, frozen berries instead of syrup.  This will be our main meal for the day, since the rest of the day is packed with wedding frenzy.  The couples are always polite enough to offer food at the reception, but we have so little time, we usually don’t bother and then eat after we are done.

I will pack snacks for the car.  Yogurt, rice crispy squares (a staple in my life, ) extra water bottles.  Then we will at least have that energy boost, and we then avoid convenience store snacking and binging on mints at the reception.

The ice storm seems to be falling apart making our day a little easier.  It never got below freezing, so the precipitation which was suppose to be ice or snow stayed rain and didn’t freeze to the power lines as much as was expected.  We had a short power blip over night and that was about it.  The weather is suppose to redevelop tonight but hopefully, we will be safe at home before anything significant happens.

Rachel ended up sick over night.  Probably the same stomach bug I had last week, and Dacey’s activities were all rescheduled so they should be safe at home today too. For everyone else, travel carefully.

Suggestion for the day:  If you’ve been working hard for the last week, take today off. Relax your muscles, treat yourself a little.  It’s said it helps your body  to keep from plateauing if you take a day off now and then.  Then we’ll hit it hard again next week.

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  1. Keep blogging. I enjoy reading all of your posts. I thought I was the only one that actually liked wedding mints! Drive safe!

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