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Kids are out of school early again in anticipation of lots of ice and snow.  This week, they had Monday as a planned off.  Tuesday they had school regular hours. Wednesday they had no school due to bad weather. Thursday they had a late start and they rescheduled the DVC tourney taking most of the kids out of school early and today, they released at 2:00 pm.  Not sure how the teachers are finding time to teach in amongst all the ice storms and basketball games.

We made it to town for our noon workout with Lisa, but was blasted with wind, ice and snow, when we came back out at 1:30.  Tomorrow with prediction of lots more of the same, we have a wedding in Nunda, reception following in Brookings.  It’s frustrating and depressing to keep fighting this kind of weather, especially from a business standpoint, but thankfully, we are all safe and warm and blessed with so much. As I always tell my couples, all the bad things help us remember the good events.  Otherwise, they seem to slip by unnoticed.

So, back to the workout.  I am still hurting from Lisa’s torture yesterday and the day before.  My glutes and my thighs are screaming everytime I sit down or stand up.  On top of that the scale wasn’t great to me today.  I lost 1 lb this week, which I guess is something, but as much as my thighs hurt, it would be nice if it showed on the scale.  On the other hand, my clothes are fitting looser, and my jeans are baggy again.  All good.

Lisa has been pressured into joining us in the Triathalon in April, so she has decided to train with us.  Today, she joined us in the pool.  She had Mike work on trying different strokes so he can keep going longer.  Mike hates swimming so he struggles each time with breathing and keeping going.  She had me switch up how often I breathed with each stroke.  It messed me up.  Try it! I breath with each turn of my left arm always tilting my head to the right.  Lisa had me breathe every third stroke switching directions of my head.  She thinks it will help me breathe better.  Maybe, with practice.  Right now, it makes me think a lot — not that I am ever really good at thinking,  so then I run out of breathe and panic and stop swimming.  I’ll have to practice, and see what happens.

We threw in a few push ups and ab work out, and a little water jogging and we ended up with a pretty good workout.  Afterwards, Aaron Walters, cc director, and Mike and I all ended up at our favorite after-workout location, Subway.  I just wish I could find some nutritional application for the cookies I keep eating there.

Suggestion for the Day: 1)Today Dr. Oz suggested adding seeds to your diet.  My kids love sunflower seeds in the summer time at ball games.  Me, I don’t like the shells, so maybe I can get the pre-shelled and add them to salads, or maybe some homemade bread.  FM Cafe used to make sunflower seed cookies — Ahh, back to cookies again.  Another seed I do use all the time is Flax seed.  You can buy it fresh or ground, but Dr. Oz says it needs to be ground for best absorption.  Flax is full of Omega 3 oils plus helps with digestion.  I throw it in my muffins and banana bread and don’t tell the kids.  Dr. Oz also suggested Hemp and Poppy seeds.  I’ve never tried hemp.  I guess that will be a new challenge for me.

2) The other suggestion that came across my desk today might help with all this winter blues.  An article I was reading suggested keeping a journal every day of 5 positive attributes about yourself to help improve your self-image. I would suggest taking it one step further and add five positive things you did today to make your life better.  It might be as little as finally getting that closet cleaned, or sharing cuddle time with your favorite pet.  Then some days it will be the big things that help change our world into a better place as well.  My math isn’t very good but 5 positive baby steps everyday and you’ll have 1825 footprints by the end of 2010.  What a legacy for 2010!

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