Where Did You Hide Your Fat Pants?

No Pictures Tonight at the Community Center.  It’s too cold, windy and generally icky out, but we will be back tomorrow night to take more before pictures for the United Way  KJAM/CC Fitness Challenge.

A few brave souls showed up on Friday to let us take their pictures, but we heard a lot of grumbling about not liking their picture taken and not wanting any pictures taken until they had lost the weight.  Well, now, that kind of defeats the whole “BEFORE” concept.

We made Aaron go first and then several others joined in. Brad hammed it up for us and had some fun with it.

So, really this isn’t suppose to be torture, so help me make this as silly as possible.  Grab your partner.  If you haven’t signed up yet, I’m sure Aaron will still let you in on the fun.  Come up with the silliest, or most obnoxious get-up you can find and join us at the community center party room from 6 to 8 pm to take a BEFORE picture you can be “proud” of.  How about stuffing your fat pants with pillow?  Or dig deeper into that closet and find your 80’s look that doesn’t quite fit anymore.  Bring your old pizza boxes, pop cans, and leftover candy wrappers.  I’d love to see someone in an ugly Christmas Sweater.  — You know we all have them.  If  you want, you can even wear masks to hide your identity.

Any way you want to do it, just come out and play along.  No one’s double chin or beer belly has scared us off yet.

Then, in 8 weeks, we’ll be back to take a picture of you looking gorgeous in your new spring look.  Can’t wait to see you there.

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