Wedding Reception Slideshows

We’ve been doing slideshows of the wedding day at the reception for the past seven years. We have done it for each and every wedding couple…for 7 years.

A slideshow that you can see right away…Sounds cool doesn’t it?Wedding Reception Slideshows

The slideshow is a gift to our couples. It lasts 7 to 10 minutes and covers the highlights of the day from the couple’s first moments to the fun portrait session between the ceremony and reception and everything in between.

Let’s face it, most of your guests won’t see your wedding pictures. Our slideshow is a great way to relive and share the highlights of your wedding day with your friends and family that otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to see.

Now how do we exactly put together this slideshow so fast?

We download images to our laptop as the day progresses. As a benefit, we can see right away if something has gone wrong with a camera or if we are missing any essential shots. Unlike the days of film when you had to wait for the pictures to come back from the lab, we know that we have the images we want and they are good. As you watch your slide show, you can be assured that your wedding pictures will turn out.

We bring our own laptop, projector and screen to the reception. Usually the DJ is more than willing to provide the music for the slide show.

During the ceremony and early part of the reception, ElizaBeth edits the pictures, adjusts for color and exposure, and then enhances and crops each image. We just don’t throw up a bunch of random pictures. We have it down to a science, but that does not mean it is easy. We take several pictures of each group and edit that down to the best image.

We try to put the slide show up right after the toasts and before the dance. Due to the chaos and uncertainty that goes along with weddings, we may put it up a little earlier or a little later.  Evey wedding day is different.

Here is the disclaimer: Sometimes bad things happen beyond anyone’s control. We consider the slide show a gift to our couples not included in our package pricing. That means that if we cannot do the slideshow, we don’t provide any refunds. We haven’t failed yet in seven years.