The South Dakota State Fair!

I loaded up the kids and my father yesterday morning and headed to Huron to the SD State Fair. I waited until evening to get the tripod and camera out to capture the lights of the rides.

09-02 State Fair 01

09-02 State Fair 02

Rachel’s friend Ashley rode the scrambler with Riston before heading home.

09-02 State Fair 03

It looks like Dacey got more than his share of afternoon sun.

09-02 State Fair 04

Dacey wins Judge’s Choice at State Fair!

One of Dacey’s entries received a Judge’s Choice Award at the State Fair for his photography. The picture of a spider web will be featured on the State 4-H Calendar.

We went out one morning very early. We were driving back to Rutland down a gravel road when Dacey told me to stop the van. He ran back to the bridge we had just crossed and captured the spider web in the early morning sunlight.

We couldn’t be more proud.