Isaac and Amber’s Wedding Guestbook – Nunda South Dakota Wedding Photography

The wedding is next month and the details are all coming together. Less than one month to go…

We miss Amber at the studio. It’s just not the same around here with her quick wit and flair for organization. Isaac used to stop all the time to see his future bride. We look forward to a wedding in Nunda. Guess who gets to do the wedding photography?!?!

Here’s Isaac and Amber’s guestbook proof.

Sioux Falls SD Wedding Photography: Erin and Derek – 10.02.2010

Erin and Derek’s wedding at Peace Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls was a memorable one. All sorts of little things went wrong but we still had more than enough time for everything. The reception slideshow usually comes down to the wire. On Saturday, we were invited to join in the meal at Chef Dominique’s at Shriver’s Square nd we had the time to enjoy the wonderful food. We had great luck at Falls Park: everyone moved out of the way automatically so that we could have the water in the background without any people.

Here are a few images taken from the slideshow.

10-03-10 041 QRS_5792 copy

10-03-10 025 NDX_1227

10-03-10 029 NDX_1272

10-03-10 043 QRS_5805

10-03-10 005 NDX_1095

10-03-10 054 QRS_5902

10-03-10 055 QRS_5910

10-03-10 060 QRS_5969

10-03-10 074 QRS_6075

10-03-10 143 DSC_7232

10-03-10 150 QRS_6488

10-03-10 158 QRS_6536

10-03-10 164 QRS_6630

10-03-10 173 QRS_6653

10-03-10 177 QRS_6667

10-03-10 181 QRS_6683

More from Jerid and Jessica – 08.28.10 – Watertown SD Wedding Photography

A few more images from Jerid and Jessica’s wedding reception slideshow.

Derek’s Art Poster – Madison SD Senior Pictures

Here’s another Art Poster. Derek’s senior portrait session was on one of the hotter and humid days in August. We got out his four wheeler at the end and had some fun with a few wheelies and a large mud puddle.

09-14-10 QRS_5002

Amber and Isaac’s engagement video slideshow – South Dakota Wedding Photography

Whenever Isaac used to come see Amber at the studio, you would see her face light up. Amber just has to think about Isaac and she gets a smile on her face. That’s love if I’ve ever seen it.

We did a few pictures of Amber and Isaac long before he proposed at Lake Herman State Park. Those were cool, but this time it was for real – engagement pictures. We started at their future home. The mosquitoes were ravenous and feasted on photographer as their main course. Before going inside the studio in Rutland, we had some fun outside. In town the bugs were not as bad.

They make a cute couple. What do you think?

Jerid and Jessica – 08.28.10

One from Jerid and Jessica’s wedding reception slideshow from yesterday’s wedding at Cornerstone United Methodist Church in Watertown SD. More to come later…

08-28-10 QRS_6635

Gretta and Dan – 08.21.10

We were in Sioux Falls for Gretta and Dan’s wedding at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church next to the Augustana campus where Gretta is the head softball coach. It was in the high 90’s but that didn’t slow down Dan and Gretta from enjoying the day. Here a just a few images from their reception slideshow.

026 QRS_3863

040 QRS_3985

113 DSC_6924

132 QRS_4680

133 QRS_4685

Eic and Heather – 08.14.2010

Eric and Heather’s getaway transportation was a fire truck. How cool is that! We went just over the interstate to Flandreau to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. We had warm temps, a slight breeze and partly cloudy skies. Here are a few images taken from Eric and Heather’s wedding reception slideshow. Enjoy.

028 QRS_1636

001 NDX_9561

006 QRS_1474

020 QRS_1549

023 QRS_1587

025 QRS_1598

027 QRS_1624

034 QRS_1658

037 QRS_1693

039 QRS_1723

041 QRS_1742

044 QRS_1752

045 QRS_1777

046 QRS_1795

048 QRS_1804

061 QRS_1916

066 QRS_1931

072 QRS_1977

083 QRS_2052

128 QRS_2362

159 QRS_2523

161 QRS_2545

185 QRS_2690

188 QRS_2715

189 QRS_2724

191 QRS_2735

182 QRS_2677

Patrick and TyLynn – 08.07.10

TyLynn and Patrick were married Saturday at St Michael’s Catholic Church in Sioux Falls. We started in the morning with pictures because of the 1:30 ceremony time. TyLynn loved taking pictures. After leaving St. Michael’s, we headed to Falls Park where we found a break in the yellow tape surrounding the water. Recent problems with the Sioux Falls sanitary sewer had caused the Big Sioux River to be off limits. After Falls Park, we went up to Tuthill Park and the formal gardens and gazebo. Running out of any more time for pictures, we joined the guests at the Ivy Room by the Century 21 theatres. DJ Jer again provided the music for the slideshow of the wedding day. Here are a few images taken from the slideshow.

182 QRS_9295

169 QRS_9231

060 NDX_9416

012 QRS_8219

026 QRS_8277

054 QRS_8458

057 QRS_8465

165 QRS_9207

Tyler and Jill – 08.06.10

We love doing local weddings where we know the couple. Jill and Tyler were married Friday in St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Madison. St. Thomas has a beautiful sanctuary and Father Bob is cool to work with. After the ceremony we went over to Memorial Park for a few pictures of the wedding party and the real limo. Jeremy, owner of DJ Jer, was at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse for the reception. Jeremy is one of our favorite DJ’s to work with. Here are a few images taken from their wedding reception slideshow.

006 QRS_6856

039 QRS_7071

062 QRS_7228

067 QRS_7256

103 QRS_7501

163 QRS_7884

164 NDX_9226

170 QRS_7913

Derek and Kay – 07.31.2010

Kay was an exceptional bride…think really happy…on steriods. She was literally floating on joy for her First Moments with Derek. Here are a few of their wedding reception slideshow.

002 QRS_2872

026 QRS_2998

033 QRS_3049

054 QRS_3213

063 QRS_3275 copy

079 QRS_3409

089 QRS_3491

090 QRS_3507

094 QRS_3536

174 QRS_4150

Ben and Andrea – 07.24.2010

Ben and Andrea were married in Winfred SD. Now there isn’t much in Winfred. It’s only been in the news because of a recycling center being cleaned up by the county and the occasional fire at the honey plant. The church is very cool from the outside and thanks to air conditioning, cool on the inside too. We started in the church for Ben and Andrea’s first moments and then went outside. After the ceremony, Andrea wanted some fun outside pictures of the bridal party near a pasture in the Vermillion Hills south of Winfred. We are used to going down the road less traveled, but we knew this was a bit different when everyone stopped and hopped into pickups for the last stretch of road.

Here are a few images taken from their reception slideshow of their wedding day.

017 NDX_7572

023 NDX_7601

028 NDX_7618

046 QRS_9809

056 QRS_9865

058 QRS_9869

066 QRS_9942

119 QRS_0300

140 QRS_0464

144 QRS_0480

146 QRS_0491

147 QRS_0498

151 QRS_0522

Mike and Jessica – 07.10.2010

We traveled to Vermillion SD for Mike and Jessica’s wedding. We’ve known the Mathison family for a long time – even before photography – so this wedding was extra fun for us. After the ceremony, we headed to Yankton and took pictures along the river before going to the reception.

Here are a few images from the reception slideshow of the wedding day.

006 DSC_5137

012 DSC_5189

020 NDX_4399

024 NDX_4431

041 NDX_4520

042 NDX_4533

066 NDX_4717

144 NDX_5277

More from Ryan and Whitney 06.26.2010

Here’s a few more from Ryan and Whitney’s wedding. These images are from their reception slideshow.

043 NDX_9239

044 NDX_9252

049 NDX_9292

075 NDX_9528

077 NDX_9539

131 NDX_9981

137 DSC_5090

140 NDX_0032

142 NDX_0044

Anthony and Laura

Here’s a few more from Anthony and Laura’s wedding reception slideshow.

07-23-10 019 NDX_6516

07-23-10 042 NDX_6678

07-23-10 118 NDX_7252

07-23-10 120 NDX_7279

07-23-10 140 NDX_7413

07-23-10 144 NDX_7440

07-23-10 146 NDX_7451

07-23-10 149 NDX_7483

07-23-10 153 NDX_7516

Brittany and Adam


















Patrick and TyLynn’s signature mat

07-17-10 sigmat

Patrick and TyLynn’s wedding is fast approaching. Here is their signature mat for their upcoming wedding.

Derek and Erin engagement session

07-14-10 sigmat

With all of our wedding packages, the couple gets a 16×20 signature mat. Here is Derek and Erin’s along with a fun video slideshow of their engagement pictures.

Ryan and Whitney – 06.26.10

07-12-10 NDX_9188

The summer is going by quickly. Wedding season is upon us.

Ryan and Whitney’s wedding in Brookings was in the Wesleyan Church. We only had time for a few outside shots before the ceremony and the sprinkles. The bad weather went north if Brookings until the reception started.

Kevin and Audrey – 06.18.10 – Bride and Groom

Audrey was nervous when we started taking pictures. After their “First Moments” pictures, we headed outside to get Kevin and Audrey relaxed. Here are a few more images from their wedding reception slideshow. Enjoy.

06-21-10 Kevin and Audrey

06-21-10 Kevin and Audrey1

06-21-10 Kevin and Audrey2

06-21-10 Kevin and Audrey3

Laura and Anthony – 06.19.10

Here’s another teaser image from Saturday’s wedding of Laura and Anthony. We made the not so long trip to Nunda for the wedding, stopped at Lake Herman State Park for some fun pictures and then onto the reception at the Sportsmans Steakhouse and Lounge in Madison.

More to come later…

06-19-10 152 NDX_7500

Audrey and Kevin – 06-18-10

06-18-10 158 NDX_6168

We’ve been waiting for Kevin and Audrey to get married. We were so excited when Kevin finally popped the question. We knew that they were destined for each other after meeting Audrey for the first time. Here’s a teaser from Friday’s reception slideshow.

More to come later…




































Ryan & Whitney’s Guestbook

Ryan and Whitney’s wedding is quickly approaching. They chose to feature their engagement images in a wedding guestbook for their friends and families to sign. Here’s a preview of their guestbook.












A thank you from Ryan and Krista

02-20-10 Krista Ryan Thank You

We received this nice thank you from Krista and Ryan yesterday:

Mike & ElizaBeth –
We wanted to thank you guys for capturing all of the wonderful moments from our wedding. We are so happy with our pictures & we owe that all to you guys! We also received so many wonderful compliments with the slide show at the reception being the most talked about! So, thank you for all your work & for sharing & making our day so special!
— Krista & Ryan

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Kyle and Laura – 02.23.10

Another totally awesome day for Kyle and Laura’s wedding. It snowed just enough to make their Winter wedding special, but not enough to stop friends and family from traveling. Here are just a few images from their wedding reception slideshow. More to come later.

02-14-10 054 QRS_2605

02-14-10 025 QRS_2323

02-14-10 014 NDX_1545

02-14-10 029 QRS_2369

02-14-10 032 QRS_2406

02-14-10 051 QRS_2571

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