Michael and Sarah’s Video Slideshow – Sioux Falls South Dakota Wedding Photography

Check out Michael and Sarah’s wedding video slideshow in honor of the month of love.

More from Michael and Sarah’s Wedding – Sioux Falls South Dakota Wedding Photography

Here are a few more images from Michael and Sarah’s wedding in Sioux Falls. Sarah was one of our more expressive brides this year. ElizaBeth had a great time entertaining little ones.

Sneak Peek for Sarah and Michael – Sioux Falls SD Wedding Photography

Here’s one from yesterday’s wedding in Sioux Falls. More to come later on this week.

Sioux Falls SD Wedding Photography: Erin and Derek – 10.02.2010

Erin and Derek’s wedding at Peace Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls was a memorable one. All sorts of little things went wrong but we still had more than enough time for everything. The reception slideshow usually comes down to the wire. On Saturday, we were invited to join in the meal at Chef Dominique’s at Shriver’s Square nd we had the time to enjoy the wonderful food. We had great luck at Falls Park: everyone moved out of the way automatically so that we could have the water in the background without any people.

Here are a few images taken from the slideshow.

10-03-10 041 QRS_5792 copy

10-03-10 025 NDX_1227

10-03-10 029 NDX_1272

10-03-10 043 QRS_5805

10-03-10 005 NDX_1095

10-03-10 054 QRS_5902

10-03-10 055 QRS_5910

10-03-10 060 QRS_5969

10-03-10 074 QRS_6075

10-03-10 143 DSC_7232

10-03-10 150 QRS_6488

10-03-10 158 QRS_6536

10-03-10 164 QRS_6630

10-03-10 173 QRS_6653

10-03-10 177 QRS_6667

10-03-10 181 QRS_6683

Gretta and Dan – 08.21.10

We were in Sioux Falls for Gretta and Dan’s wedding at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church next to the Augustana campus where Gretta is the head softball coach. It was in the high 90’s but that didn’t slow down Dan and Gretta from enjoying the day. Here a just a few images from their reception slideshow.

026 QRS_3863

040 QRS_3985

113 DSC_6924

132 QRS_4680

133 QRS_4685

Patrick and TyLynn – 08.07.10

TyLynn and Patrick were married Saturday at St Michael’s Catholic Church in Sioux Falls. We started in the morning with pictures because of the 1:30 ceremony time. TyLynn loved taking pictures. After leaving St. Michael’s, we headed to Falls Park where we found a break in the yellow tape surrounding the water. Recent problems with the Sioux Falls sanitary sewer had caused the Big Sioux River to be off limits. After Falls Park, we went up to Tuthill Park and the formal gardens and gazebo. Running out of any more time for pictures, we joined the guests at the Ivy Room by the Century 21 theatres. DJ Jer again provided the music for the slideshow of the wedding day. Here are a few images taken from the slideshow.

182 QRS_9295

169 QRS_9231

060 NDX_9416

012 QRS_8219

026 QRS_8277

054 QRS_8458

057 QRS_8465

165 QRS_9207

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Cody & Laura – September 12, 2009 – Video slide show

On September 12, 2009, Cody and Laura were married at Memorial Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, SD. The reception followed the ceremony at El Riael Shrine also in Sioux Falls, SD. Here are a few of our favorites of their wedding day in a video slide show.


Matthew & Ashley – May 9, 2009 – Video slide show

On May 9th, 2009, Matthew and Ashley were married at the St. Lambert’s Church in Sioux Falls, SD. The reception followed the ceremony at the Ramada Inn in Sioux Falls, SD. Here are a few of our favorites of their wedding day in a video slide show.


Jon & Kate – October 24th, 2009 – Video slide show

On October 24th, 2009, Jon and Kate were married at a church in Sioux Falls, SD. Here are a few of our favorites of their wedding day in a video slide show.


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A thank you from Jon and Kate

12-13-09  QRS_8356
We photographed Jon and Kate’s wedding in Sioux Falls in October. We received this wonderful thank you in the mail. Thank you for the kind words.

Michael & ElizaBeth –

We cannot thank you enough for your hard work to make our wedding day great! The photographs are amazing and the two of you made taking pictures fun!! You went above and beyond by helping fix my maid of honor’s dress and making everyone feel so beautiful. I have received several compliments on the slideshow you created. What a success! We cannot thank you enough!!

Kate & Jon

Sioux Falls South Dakota Wedding Photography: Cody and Laura 9.12.2009

In between our switchover to the new blog, we missed putting up a few of Cody and Laura’s images from their reception slideshow. Here they are…a little late.

Cody and Laura Blog021 NDX_8299024 NDX_8305183 QRS_2849

Sioux Falls South Dakota Wedding Photography: Jon and Kate – 10.24.09

166 QRS_9408 This Jon and Kate are way cooler than the TLC couple with 8 kids that seems always to be in the news. We are at their reception at the Downtown Holiday Inn in Sioux Falls waiting for dinner to be served. Here is one from their slideshow that we will be projecting in about half an hour. Falls Park is one of our favorite places to go for pictures after the ceremony on the way to the recption.

Julie & Mark: “You guys rock!”


We went to Peace Lutheran in Sioux Falls for Mark and Julie’s wedding today. It was a small family affair which is different than our normal Saturday routine.

When we finished the slideshow of the wedding day at the reception, Mark exclaimed, “You guys rock!”

It’s nice to be appreciated. If you are interested in a slideshow at your reception, please give us a call.

Sioux Falls Bridal Show Booth


Another show done.

We had a great turnout on Sunday at the Ramkota in Sioux Falls. The people in charge of the All Occasions show took good care of us.

Your next chance to see us at a bridal fair is on Sunday, January 20th at the Watertown Event Cent for the the Watertown Public Opinion 2008 Bridal Showcase.

Sioux Falls Bridal Show tomorrow


Tomorrow we will be attending the All Occasions Bridal Show in Sioux Falls at the Ramkota Exhibit Hall from 1 to 5 pm.

Valerie and Steve from Square One Productions are designing and setting up our booth. They have promised us something very cool. We supply the prints and they arrange and light the images so they look their best.

We could take care of it ourselves, but we want to be fresh and relaxed, not frustrated and stressed from hours of setup.

Valerie and Steve do much more than just booth design. They can handle everything from tradeshows and conventions (A/V and lighting) to huge video dance systems. They have a very big truck as Valerie says.

We have a few new prints that will be on display this time including one from Dacey shown in this post. He’s pretty pumped up about it.

Sioux Falls South Dakota Wedding Photography: Nathan and Megan



Megan and Nathan had a glorious wedding day. Saturday was full of sunshine and blue skies and Friday’s wind was gone.

First Lutheran in Sioux Falls is a beautiful church. It’s full of tall stained glass windows and a huge organ in the balcony.

We started out with Nathan and Megan with their first moments in the church foyer.

We went outside for a few pictures and then headed inside.

First Lutheran’s front entrance is the perfect place for a silhouette.

Pat Gustaf and his staff did an incredible job of decorating the church for the ceremony.

We did a quick fun session with the couple and the whole bridal party at Falls Park.

On the way back to the limo, Dacey had Megan and Nathan turn around and captured this image of the tower and street lights decorated for Christmas.

All of these images were part of the reception slideshow.



Tea South Dakota Wedding Photography: Nathan & Jennifer

8-26-07_NDX_96418-26-07_NDX_9649A couple of images from yesterday…

We went to Tea, SD on Saturday to photograph Nathan and Jennifer’s wedding. The St. Nicholas Church is very new and modern with some very cool stained-glass windows.

After the ceremony we headed toward Seratoma Park in Sioux Falls for some more pictures with the whole wedding party. We had a little session in the Butterfly House with Nathan and Jennifer and then headed to he playground with the ever lively bridal party.

Right before heading to the Convention Center for the reception we explored the edge of the Outdoor Campus.

After we sent the wedding party back to the limo, we did captured a few more “dramatic” images of the couple on the edge of the tall grass.

These two pictures were the last two in their reception slideshow.

Sioux Falls wedding photography: Jen & Mike and the reception slideshow!

7-15-07NDX_1977The above image is the final one in Jen & Mike’s reception slideshow from last saturday’s wedding. We started the day with Jen & Mike’s first moments, moved on through formals and the romantic and fun couple’s images, wedding party and family pictures. After the ceremony at St. Michael’s we headed down to Falls Park for a few more relaxed pics before heading to CJ Calloways.

We’ve done slideshows at every wedding for the last four years. We bring the projector and computer and have the DJ provide the music for a 6 to 10 minute slideshow that lets couples relive the day and share the memories with their friends and families. Most guests will never get the opportunity to see the finished wedding album, but with the slideshow we are able to give them a good look at many of the highlights of the day.

We’ve seen tears of joy and roars of laughter as the images are projected. It’s what makes the huge effort of putting together the show worthwhile: to see the reactions of the crowd.

Brandon & Heidi

1-20-07_DSC_4926_Brandon_HeidiBrandon and Heidi’s wedding was in November. We were blessed with another warm Saturday which made for fun outdoor images at Tuthill Park in Sioux Falls. We did formals before Mass at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Sioux Falls which gave us plenty of time at the park. After Saturday evening Mass, Brandon & Heidi had a beautiful ceremony and then everyone went on to the reception at CJ Calloways.

Sioux Falls South Dakota Black Tie Bridal Showcase: The day after

1-15-07_DSC_5364blogOn Sunday, we attended what was one of biggest bridal shows Sioux Falls has seen. Despite the snow, the parking lot and the streets surrounding the Ramkota Exhibit hall were full. Inside, the brides and their entourages searched the aisles to find their vendor of choice.

The Black Tie Bridal Showcase was a success.

Now you may think that photographers go to bridal shows to compete with each other. While we all like the opportunity to offer our services to brides, we all like to take a little time to kick back and talk shop. The world of wedding photography is a very small one. Those who have been in business a few years develop friendships and many of us try to refer to brides when we are already booked for a date. Those relationships help all of us raise the quality of wedding photography across the board.

Pictured in front of our booth is our daughter Rachel, handing out chocolate candy. You can see the back of Dacey’s head. He was handing out brochures.