Bulldogs Cap a Perfect Season – State A Champs

Another close game and another win on Saturday night. Check out images from the game below.

03-23 Z MHS 01

03-23 Z MHS 02

03-23 Z MHS 03

03-23 Z MHS 04

03-23 Z MHS 05

03-23 Z MHS 06

03-23 Z MHS 07

03-23 Z MHS 08

03-23 Z MHS 09

03-23 Z MHS 10

03-23 Z MHS 11

03-23 Z MHS 12

03-23 Z MHS 13

03-23 Z MHS 14

03-23 Z MHS 15

03-23 Z MHS 16

03-23 Z MHS 17

03-23 Z MHS 18

03-23 Z MHS 19

03-23 Z MHS 20

03-23 Z MHS 21

03-23 Z MHS 22

State A Championship Game – Rachel’s Pictures

Rachel was hard at work again on Saturday night.

03-23 Y MHS Rachel 01

03-23 Y MHS Rachel 02

03-23 Y MHS Rachel 03

03-23 Y MHS Rachel 04

03-23 Y MHS Rachel 05

03-23 Y MHS Rachel 06

03-23 Y MHS Rachel 07

03-23 Y MHS Rachel 08

03-23 Y MHS Rachel 09

Back to Back State A Champs – Madison Bulldogs Repeat!

More pictures to come later….after a nap.

03-23 MHS

Bulldogs vs St Thomas More – State A’s – Sioux Falls Sports Photography

Madison Bulldogs won another close one over St Thomas More on Friday night at the Sioux Falls Arena. One more game to go for the perfect season.

03-22 MHS 01

03-22 MHS 02

03-22 MHS 03

03-22 MHS 04

03-22 MHS 05

03-22 MHS 06

03-22 MHS 07

03-22 MHS 08

03-22 MHS 09

03-22 MHS 10

03-22 MHS 11

03-22 MHS 12

03-22 MHS 13

03-22 MHS 14

03-22 MHS 15

03-22 MHS 16

03-22 MHS 17

03-22 MHS 18

The Foul – Madison Bulldogs at the State A Tournament

A look from under the basket. Rush is one tough player.

03-22 Foul 01

03-22 Foul 02

State A’s – Madison Bulldogs vs Tri-Valley – Sioux Falls Sports Photography

Check out a few images from Madison’s win over Tri-Valley in opening day action of the State A Tournament in Sioux Falls on Thursday.

03-21 MHS Z 01

03-21 MHS Z 02

03-21 MHS Z 03

03-21 MHS Z 04

03-21 MHS Z 05

03-21 MHS Z 06

03-21 MHS Z 07

03-21 MHS Z 08

03-21 MHS Z 09

03-21 MHS Z 10

03-21 MHS Z 11

03-21 MHS Z 12

03-21 MHS Z 13

03-21 MHS Z 14

03-21 MHS Z 15

03-21 MHS Z 16

03-21 MHS Z 17

03-21 MHS Z 18

03-21 MHS Z 19

03-21 MHS Z 20

Zach’s Football Magnet – Sioux Falls South Dakota Senior Pictures

Our magnets are the perfect gift for grandparents.

08-19 fbmag_2

Haley – South Dakota Flash Softball

Check out Haley’s sports memory mate.

Halloween Trail Run – Sioux Falls Sports Photography

Still catching up on the blog…Rachel and her friends celebrated Karee’s Birthday with a Halloween Trail Run in Sioux Falls. It was one of the colder mornings of the Fall for the girls to run. Even though Rachel tripped and fell a quarter mile into the race, she still finished strong.

Sioux Falls Half Marathon

ElizaBeth ran the Sioux Falls Half Marathon this morning. We saw many friends among the runners. Lots of smiles?!?! You would think that after running 13.1 miles that you would want to lie down and die. I don’t understand as a spectator but I am thinking the sight of the finish line brings a sense of relief.

Dell Rapids Quarriers are State A bound – Sioux Falls Sports Photography

Here are a few images from Region action as the Quarriers secured a spot in the State A Tournament and a trip to Rapid City with a hard-earned double OT win over the Madison Bulldogs, the two time defending State A Champions.

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Madison Bulldogs Boys Basketball: Region Action – Sioux Falls SD Sports Photography

My heart sank last night as I saw the score and the time left at the end of regulation. I thought there was no way for the Bulldogs to take the game to overtime, but I did not count on Mitch Benson’s last second shot.

The loss was still hard to take. I’ve covered the last two State A Tournaments for the Leader and it’s been fun to watch the kids grow.

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Flandreau Boys Basketball: Districts – Sioux Falls Sports Photography

The Flandreau boys lost to Madison in District play at the Elmen Center on Friday night in Sioux Falls. Here are a few pictures from the game

Madison Bulldogs Boys Basketball: Districts – Sioux Falls Sports Photography

The Madison Bulldogs moved one step closer to the state tournament last night by defeating Flandreau at the Elmen Center in Sioux Falls. Here are a few images from the game.