Kirby at 9 Months – Almost Walking – Rutland SD Baby Photography

Kirby will be keeping up with his older brother and sister in no time.

01-03 Kirby 1

01-03 Kirby 2

01-03 Kirby 3

Gabrielle at 6 months – Rutland South Dakota Children’s Photography

Gabrielle’s six month Baby Plan session was in Fall leaves. Mom and ElizaBeth came up with this cool 4×10 desk composite.

To find out more about our Baby Plan or Birthday Club, call ElizaBeth at the studio 586-4143.

Failure, Total Failure, SUCCESS! Sievers Boys Christmas Pictures – Rutland South Dakota Children’s Photography

You never know what kids are going to do when you are trying to get a really great shot. Ryan is always on the move and calling me a “gooberhead”. At least the boys stayed still which I wasn’t sure little brother Dylan would do. Here’s a few from their session earlier this week.

We won’t spoil this year’s card but we can show you how much the boys have changed. Here’s their card from Christmas 2009.

It was COLD last January when we did family pictures behind their house. The boys did not last too long outside.