Congratulations Jeremy and Ashley! Nunda South Dakota Wedding Photography

Congratulations to Jeremy and Ashley! We’ve known Ashley for a long time. We photographed her in school, sports, senior pictures and now at her wedding. Ashley also worked for us at the studio a while back. It was fun hanging out with our neighbors and friends throughout the day. As usual, we did our slideshow of the wedding day at the reception. We even finished with time to spare. Check out a few images from the slideshow below.

Ashley and Jeremy’s Signature Mat – Nunda South Dakota Wedding Photography

Check out the signature mat that ElizaBeth designed for Jeremy and Ashley.

Ashley and Jeremy’s Engagement Session – Nunda South Dakota Wedding Photography

ElizaBeth and I went up to Nunda last night for Ashley and Jeremy’s engagement session before heading to the studio for the formal pictures. Here are a few of their favorites.

Amanda and Brian video slideshow – Nunda, South Dakota Wedding Photography

We made up a video slideshow for Brian and Amanda from their January wedding in Nunda, SD last Spring, but for whatever reason it never reached the blog. Check it out below.

Another wedding Thank You

We love getting thank you’s in the mail. Amber and Isaac’s wedding was right before Thanksgiving on a very brisk November day at the Grace Lutheran Church in Nunda SD.

Isaac and Amber: First Moments – Nunda South Dakota Wedding Photography

We love the “First Moments” pictures. It gives the bride and groom to share an emotional time together without the distraction of a church full of people. Amber and Isaac did have a small audience as she came down the aisle of the sanctuary at Grace Lutheran Church in Nunda last Saturday.

Here are a few images taken from their reception slideshow.

Congratulations Amber and Isaac – Nunda South Dakota Wedding Photography

Here’s yesterday’s final image from Amber and Isaac’s wedding reception slideshow.

Isaac and Amber’s Wedding Guestbook – Nunda South Dakota Wedding Photography

The wedding is next month and the details are all coming together. Less than one month to go…

We miss Amber at the studio. It’s just not the same around here with her quick wit and flair for organization. Isaac used to stop all the time to see his future bride. We look forward to a wedding in Nunda. Guess who gets to do the wedding photography?!?!

Here’s Isaac and Amber’s guestbook proof.

Amber and Isaac’s engagement video slideshow – South Dakota Wedding Photography

Whenever Isaac used to come see Amber at the studio, you would see her face light up. Amber just has to think about Isaac and she gets a smile on her face. That’s love if I’ve ever seen it.

We did a few pictures of Amber and Isaac long before he proposed at Lake Herman State Park. Those were cool, but this time it was for real – engagement pictures. We started at their future home. The mosquitoes were ravenous and feasted on photographer as their main course. Before going inside the studio in Rutland, we had some fun outside. In town the bugs were not as bad.

They make a cute couple. What do you think?

Anthony and Laura

Here’s a few more from Anthony and Laura’s wedding reception slideshow.

07-23-10 019 NDX_6516

07-23-10 042 NDX_6678

07-23-10 118 NDX_7252

07-23-10 120 NDX_7279

07-23-10 140 NDX_7413

07-23-10 144 NDX_7440

07-23-10 146 NDX_7451

07-23-10 149 NDX_7483

07-23-10 153 NDX_7516

Laura and Anthony – 06.19.10

Here’s another teaser image from Saturday’s wedding of Laura and Anthony. We made the not so long trip to Nunda for the wedding, stopped at Lake Herman State Park for some fun pictures and then onto the reception at the Sportsmans Steakhouse and Lounge in Madison.

More to come later…

06-19-10 152 NDX_7500

Brian and Amanda: First moments

01-30-10 021 NDX_109401-30-10 011 NDX_1048

It’s been one week since Brian and Amanda said “I do” in the Grace Lutheran Church in Nunda, South Dakota. If you remember last weekend’s weather forecast, we were supposed to get rain, freezing rain, snow and lots of wind. Thank God the weatherman missed his prediction. We did have a little rain and snow on Saturday but we did have mild temps in the 30’s making travel much easier.

We always do “First Moments” with the bride and groom in the sanctuary before we start taking couple pictures. It gives the couple the opportunity to see each other all dressed up for the first time on their wedding day. It’s a time full of emotion: nervousness, tears of joy, laughter and love. Here are a few of Brian and Amanda that were included in the reception slideshow.

01-30-10 012 NDX_1056

01-30-10 016 NDX_1073

Nunda South Dakota Wedding Photography: Brian and Amanda – 01.23.10

01-24-10 159 final

The forecast for yesterday’s wedding looked as if we were going to be using candles as all of the Sioux Falls TV stations were telling us freezing rain, snow and high winds were on the way for the weekend. Most weekend athletics were even canceled by the local schools. Lucky for us the temperature stayed a couple degrees warmer than expected.

Brian and Amanda had an amazing wedding on Saturday. They were surrounded by their family and friends in the Grace Lutheran Church in Nunda. We must have known 75% of the people at the wedding which made everything that much more special.

This was the last image in their reception slideshow of their wedding day. Thanks to Jeremy Brech for providing with the appropriate music for the slideshow. We always know that we will be taken care of when DJ Jer is in the house.

Travis & Ashley – August 22nd, 2009 – Video slide show

On August 22nd, 2009, Travis and Ashley were married at Grace Lutheran Church in Nunda, SD. The reception followed the ceremony at Nicky’s in Madison, SD. Here are a few of our favorites of their wedding day in a video slide show.


Brian & Amanda’s Engagement Slideshow

Amber has been very busy putting together video slideshows. Her sister, Amanda and her fiance Brian are featured in her lastest creation. Watching the slideshow, I can tell you that I really miss seeing green outside. The fresh white snow is beautiful but with snow comes cold and I’m not used to it yet.

Matt & Abby

We watched Matt and Abby grow up at Rutland School. We were honored to be able to photograph their wedding. We all went to their new home in between the ceremony and the reception. Looking out what was Grandpa’s garage, we captured Matt & Abby in an embrace.1-17-07_matt_abby