Kelsey’s senior video slideshow

The camera loves Kelsey. She doesn’t take a bad picture…EVER. It was hard to edit Kelsey’s images on the computer. Of course we took too many shots. Because it was so windy in the afternoon, we waited until early evening to finish her outdoor pictures in Madison and at Lake Madison.

Here are her favorites in a video slideshow.

Kelsey – sneak peek

Here’s three from Kelsey’s favorites. Her senior video slideshow isn’t quite ready yet. Check back tomorrow to see all of her favorite images

07-19-10 Kelsey

Kaitlin’s senior video slideshow

Here is Kaitlin’s senior video slideshow. Enjoy


07-14-10 NDX_8587

Kaitlin’s look changes dramatically when she takes off her glasses. At Lake Herman State Park on the tire swing, she showed us her normal side. In the studio, Kaitlin gave us the model look.

07-14-10 NDX_8752

Makayla – Playtime session

We’ve been busy in the studio this week with reunions, families, babies, seniors and engagements. It’s time to post again. Here are a few from Makayla’s Playtime session.

07-10-10 QRS_2532

07-10-10 QRS_2582

07-10-10 QRS_2652plat

Hanna’s senior video slideshow

Katie senior video slideshow


Sneak Peak: Shannon and Makayla’s Playtime Session

05-10-10 QRS_2632-1

ElizaBeth and I are getting all those last minute things wrapped up before seniors start graduating this Saturday.

Shannon and Makayla had a fun Playtime Session. We had beautiful skies and light wind. Here are just a couple to tease you with until we get the rest ready.

We are getting more and more calls for senior pictures this year. We still have plenty of openings left. Everyone seems to want August and September. Scheduling your senior session earlier in the summer has many advantages: we have more time to play, there are no conflicts with sports practices and the grass is greener while the lake is not.

05-10-10 QRS_2613-1

Lisa is graduating!

05-04-10 Lisa

Our trainer Lisa is graduating from Dakota State on Saturday.

We’ve been working with Lisa for more than a year now. She is the reason that we can photograph a wedding and still feel fresh at the end of the day.

We always give Lisa a bad time, but she can take it and dish it out too.

Congratulations Lisa!

DSU Class of 2010 – Allie

Dakota State’s graduation isn’t very far away. Allie came out earlier this week for a fun cap and gown session. Here are a few of her favorites.

04-29-10 accard

04-29-10 winkle

04-29-10 winkle1

04-29-10 winkle2

04-29-10 winkle3


04-15-10 accard

04-15-10 Clarice1

04-15-10 Clarice2

Katie – Class of 2010

Katie is a pilot. How is that for cool! We had a great session starting at the Madison Airport and then finished up at the studio.

Here are a few from Katie’s senior session.

03-14-10 QRS_6484_poster

03-14-10 QRS_6398bw

03-14-10 QRS_6409

03-14-10 Katie




Playtime…still coming!


We’ve decided to push our Playtime Sessions into the middle of April to avoid our still uncooperative weather.

If you are interested in having a Playtime Session in your prom dress, give ElizaBeth a call at the studio.

Andy – outside


We went to Andy’s house and finished his outdoor portraits up.

We tried to get Andy with his tractor but below zero temps forced us to reschedule. It’s not supposed to be below zero in March!



We are still busy with senior sessions. Andy came last friday morning. It was very cold.

Andy brought his favorite John Deere tractor for outside pictures. Because of the 10 degree below zero temperatures, we put off tractor pictures until it decides to warm up more.

Going for the dramatic – before & after


Image enhancement is an art form all it’s own.

When we are photographing a senior, we are always looking for a strong base image that we can take to the next level using Adobe Photoshop. We get it right in camera first. We aren’t trying to cover up our mistakes by spending hours fixing them in Adobe Photoshop.

The current trends of overlay textures, oversaturated colors, blown out highlights and twisted horizons are too easily overdone. A few images from each senior session are taken “over the top”, but we try to go more for the dramatic and classic look that won’t look dated the day after tomorrow.

We love the classic look of black and white with a bit of dramatic contrast wihout blowing out all of the detail.


Madison South Dakota Senior Photography: Anthony’s special


Anthony’s sale was tonight. We always make up a few fun things for the parents to look at. This image is designed as a 20×20 composite wall portrait.

Madison South Dakota Senior Photography: 2nd Street Girls



We receive many comments about our display prints that we have in the 2nd Street Diner in Madison.

Marti is a waitress at 2nd Street (and Skippers), plays basketball and is on the school’s powerlifting team. Busy girl for sure.

Beside the three 16×20’s of the girls, 2nd Street also commissioned us to provide images in their Party Room. There are 8 – 20×24 framed black and white art prints of the Madison area.

Chantel is one of our “Prom Girls” from last spring’s Playtime sessions.


Madison South Dakota Senior Photography: Dustin’s Specials



Dustin’s sales presentation was last night. His mom picked out two “specials” as part of his senior pictures: a composite wall portrait and a composite refrigerator magnet – just like the ones that are part of our Birthday Club.

When we prepare each senior’s images, we make up an announcement card and a couple of composites. We call them “specials” within our workflow. We then can make any tweaks during the sale. With announcement cards all we have to do come February and March is to make any final changes for the time, date and location of the Open House.

Madison South Dakota Senior Photography: It’s cold out there!


Anyone in their right mind stays inside on a day like today. With the temperature hovering just above zero and a stiff breeze making it feel much colder than it really was, we were out taking advantage of a cool sunset.

Anthony thought we were all done, but before he left I talked him into one last series of shots. Normally we would’ve done a few more creative things – 20 to 30 below wind chills cut our time short.

We can’t wait for a little warmer weather. It’s funny how 20 above seems warm after being out in 20 below temps.

Madison South Dakota Senior Photography: Dustin


Dustin is on track to beat the state powerlifting record for his weight division…that’s intense.

yes, we are still busy doing senior sessions. Many area schools have March yearbook deadlines so there is plenty of time to get your session in and images back before then.

Stay tuned for “PLAYTIME”…returning soon…

Bridal show tomorrow in Watertown at the Event Center if you are brave enough to venture out in the cold.

Madison South Dakota Senior Photography: Jennifer


We are still doing senior sessions. Call today and book your appointment: 1.877.586.4143.

We’ve known Jennifer and her family forever. It’s been fun watching her grow up.

Madison High School Senior: Brittany


We are going to be posting an image or two of seniors that we just did not have time to blog about earlier. Here’s an image of Brittany.

We didn’t think that the rain would ever stop this week. We had to dodge showers in between senior sessions. It’s funny how just a little sunshine can brighten your mood.

We are still playing catch up on computer work and still have many senior sessions in the next few weeks, but do not despair: Although your yearbook deadline can seem very close, we can still get you in AND get the yearbook image submitted in plenty of time.