Madison Community Center Triathlon – 2012 Edition

Check out some images from the Madison Community Center Triathlon last Saturday. To see more pictures from the race check out the All Sport Central website.

Matt – Madison Community Center Triathlon

Matt just messaged me on Facebook and asked about when we would post images from Saturday’s Madison’s Community Center Triathlon. I’ve been in Sioux Falls at a photography seminar, but I will take the time to process one of Matt’s images yet tonight.

Wet Weather Not Slowing Down Triathlon Training

Blustery weather hasn’t slowed down Tom Brown for continuing to train for the upcoming Community Center Triathlon this Saturday. Normally you’ll see Tom’s smiling face at the Madison Post Office. On Friday, he moved his bike ride indoors to avoid the wind and rain that seem to be plaguing us this April.

Saturday’s Community Center Triathlon starts at 9 am. You can cheer Tom and the rest of the entrants along NW 9th street during the bike portion of the race and at the finish line near the DSU Fieldhouse.

Madison Community Center and DSU Fieldhouse – the aerial view

Madison South Dakota Community Center Triathlon

Saturday’s Community Center Triathlon had the bike leg cancelled due to the icy roads. We wimped out this year: we had Madison High School Prom pictures in the afternoon. As usual Jason Crisp dominated the race. In Master Swim Class, Jason always teaches us to turn our heads just enough to take a breath. That works great for going faster, but Jason’s technique is so good he did not present enough of his face for a great picture.

Here are a few images of some of my friends and other triathletes from Saturday’s event.

Our new trainer, Christina

Christina takes over duties from Lisa who enjoyed two years as our personal trainer at the Community Center in Madison. I’ve always found that it helps to have a trainer to push you farther than you would push yourself. They know all of the tricks to maximize your results. You too can workout with Christina during “Total Training” class at 12:15 in the aerobics room of the Community Center on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Christina is just one of the many trainers available to help you with your workout program at the Community Center. If you are interested in getting faster and stronger, talk to Jason Crisp upstairs in the weight room. He can find someone on his staff to help you reach your goals.

We’ve been serious about the programs at the Community Center for more than three years now. All it takes to get started is commitment and then dedication until exercise and wellness becomes a part of your lifestyle. There is no need to be embarrassed about your current shape. We all have to start from somewhere. In a matter of months, your body will change and adapt to your new lifestyle. Not only will you feel better, you’ll look better too. Hope to see you up there.

Sydnie and Nicole – Madison South Dakota Sports Training

We spend quite a bit of time at the Community Center. We see up close the various programs the Community Center offers to help area athletes maximize their potential. Monday of last week Community Center trainer Nicole worked with Sydnie Waldner to prepare her for the upcoming track season. The bottom picture made it into the sports section of last Thursday’s issue of the Madison Daily Leader.

Sorry about the Short Notice -but Get OFF The Couch and Freeze Your Fanny

So, it’s almost a week into 2011, and I’m just beginning to think about resolutions.  Just like me to be a little bit behind, but charging ahead anyway.

 It’s time again for the Community Center Fitness Challenge.  Last year we had a great team.  We lost weight, or at least, became more fit, and raised $95.50 for United Way.  Plus, it jump started a whole new fitness craze for Michael and myself.  We ended the fitness challenge with a small indoor triathalon, did our 2nd yearly triathalon with the CC in April and then was challenged by our favorite trainer Lisa to keep going toward a new goal.   Lisa and I completed the Sanford/Children’s Miracle Half-Marathon in Sioux Falls in September.  I was impressed with myself, but also impressed with the 2000 other runners, plus many many more staff and volunteers, that were all out there having a great time and raising money and awareness for a great cause.

So, here we are again in our new year, and I’m excited about what we accomplished last year, but always feel like there should be something more.  What should I be focusing on this year that improves on what we have done before?  This morning I awoke, having spent days fussing over the economy and cold weather and maybe a little of the SD winter blues, to a more forward-looking attitude.  This year, 2011, I look forward to more of what we’ve enjoyed the most over the last couple years.  I want to do more activity and be busier than ever.  Hmm, let me re-phrase that. 

I want to do more with our community for those around us.  Of course, I want all of Black Studios fans and friends to join in my insanity.  So where do I start?  Well, of course, the Community Center Fitness Challenge.  This year they’ve changed it up a bit.  Last year, we worked as a team with several of our clients and friends.  This year the CC is asking for more teams in groups of 2.  So, Michael and I will be up at the CC almost every day doing whatever we can to lose weight and stay fit.  We want you to join us. 

Grab yourself a partner and come sign up at the CC.  Weigh in this week, and start working out together for fun, fitness and even a few prizes.  Plus, the entrance fee ($15 per person) all goes to helping United Way.  Another bonus!  Tomorrow, Friday, January 7,  from 12:00 to 3:00 pm  and also on Tuesday, January 11 from 6 to 8 pm, Michael and I will be at the CC center taking pictures of anyone who shows up, but mainly groups entering the CC challenge.  Then  at the end of February, we’ll be back to retake the groups, and see the results of 8 weeks of working out and having fun together. 

If that wasn’t enough, our crazy friends at the Wesleyan Church have come up with another way to get us all out, active and helping others.  Saturday morning, 10 am, at the downtown armory,  the Wesleyan group is sponsoring a FREEZE YOUR FANNY 5k run.  BRRR.  Temps are suppose to be in the 20’s, so why not.  I signed Dacey and myself up today, so we are planning to be there.  The event is to raise funds for a group from Madison who help with an orphanage in Guatemala.    I guess I will be dreaming of warm and sandy locations while chilling my insides.  But, they promise to feed me and give me a t-shirt, so how much more could I want!  Go to to find out more, then keep clicking to to sign up to join me.

Join me in making 2011 a year of changes for the better, for ourselves but for others  as well.

Starting 4th month


We made fitness an important priority in our lives this year. We are starting our fourth month of serious workouts since the start of the year.

We belonged to the Community Center in Madison for years, but we haven’t used the available facilities and programs. Like most people, we made the change at the start of the new year. We’ve enrolled the services of a personal trainer to help with the process.

You may be thinking that having a personal trainer is a luxury that you can’t afford. In reality, we spend only $20 per hour session to work with Justin. For us, that is money well spent. We are investing in our health so we can enjoy life more.