Avery at 3 months

It’s hard to believe that Avery is growing so fast.

08-03-10 Avery

Nathan and Claire – Birthday Club magnets

We met Kerrie in Madison for some “urban” images of Claire and Nathan. We had fun exploring the back alleys of downtown Madison. Here are their Birthday Club magnets.

06-22-10 claireman

06-22-10 nathanmag

Tristan at one year

Tristan is one year old. He definitely doesn’t look like a baby any more.

06-21-10 Tristan


Elliot is one expressive little girl. She was so easy to work with…a photographer’s dream. Here is her one year magnet.

06-16-10 elliotmag

Adalyn at 6 months

You just have to love the wings!

06-02-10 QRS_1957

Raena is 6 years old!

06-02-10 raenamag

Raena’s birthday has come and gone. We had a great time at the studio. Mom brought balloons and Raena had this cool purple flower as part of her outfit. Above is her Birthday Club magnet.

06-02-10 QRS_6215

Jeff, Tiffany and Max…all the way from Wisconsin!

06-02-10 maxmag

Jeff and Tiffany brought Max to visit Great-Grandma Beth in Madison a few weeks ago. We brought our location setup to the Bethel Assisted Living Suites for some family pictures. Tiffany’s mom RoseAnn joined in the fun. It seems like Jeff and Tiffany’s wedding was just yesterday.

06-02-10 QRS_2954_810

06-02-10 QRS_2986_810

06-02-10 QRS_3062_57

Mary Hunter’s Class Piano Recital

06-01-10 5350hKaufman

Mary Hunter called and asked us to photograph her class piano recital at Trinity Lutheran Church a few weeks ago. We were happy to help her out.

Aliya at 2 years old

05-14-10 aliyamag

Aliya is a beautiful baby girl, but she really isn’t a baby any more.

Most 2 yr olds can get their parents to understand them through pointing and single word commands like “juice”.

Aliya uses complete sentences. She says “please” and “thank you”. Aliya is a thoughtful soul full of smiles. Spend enough time with Aliya and you forget that most 2 year olds are into everything and anything all the time followed by parents just trying to keep up.

The top image is Aliya’s Birthday Club magnet. The bottom two images are her 4×10 panels.

05-14-10 aliyapink

05-14-10 aliyayelow

Sara’s Birthday Club Magnet

05-13-10 saramag

Here’s Sara’s Birthday Club magnet. You can get yours too by bringing in your little girl or boy to the studio for a free session around the time of their birthday.

Sara turns 2 years old

05-08-10 Sara

Sara is 2 years old. How cool is that! Mom brought Sara from Sioux Falls for her birthday pictures.

Our studio is perfect for the little ones. We have toys, very few rules, plenty of time and of course, the snack bucket. There is no line to stand in. You don’t feel you are being herded through like cattle. Pictures should be FUN!

We have this thing called the “Birthday Club”. You get a FREE session for your child’s birthday. The session doesn’t have to be on the birthday, just close: within a week or two.

We had so much fun with Sara that we put a few up on our slideshow site. Sara’s slideshow

Karstyn’s Birthday Cake Surprise!

04-28-10 Karstyn Cake

How can you resist cake on your first birthday! We were in luck. Karstyn came in for her birthday session and ElizaBeth had an extra cake just waiting for her. Mmm, good frosting! Then, when Karstyn was done she just didn’t know which way to go, but, oops, into the cake. Those cute little gellie shoes worked perfectly for sticking to all that frosting. Luckily, Mom came to the rescue.

Don’t worry, Karstyn, every year we get a little older, we feel like stomping a few cakes, too.

Karstyn’s Baby Plan Panel

04-27-10 karstynpanel

We love those babies. Karstyn is growing up way too fast. Here is her Baby Plan Panel. It’s a framed 16×20 and it comes with the purchase of the Baby Plan. Our Baby Plan includes newborn, 3, 6 9 and 12 month sessions. You can buy as many pictures as you want.

Elijah picking out pictures this morning

03-13-10 Elijah

Mike and Amy from Pierre brought Elijah for his 9 month pictures this morning. Elijah was wonderful to work with. He’s just about ready to take off walking on his own.

03-13-10 QRS_7790

Elijah was really into looking at himself on the screen. Every time Dad tried to sit down Elijah would throw a fit. Bring Elijah close to the screen and he would laugh and giggle.

03-13-10 QRS_7794

Mom and Dad are going to be thrilled when they get their pictures.

South Dakota Children Photography: Ainsley


South Dakota Children Photography: Brayden


Alonna & Treyton

02-25-10 treton810

02-25-10 alona810

02-25-10 QRS_1714

We love working with little kids: you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes you get models that love to be in front of the camera. Sometimes you get the shy ones who want to attached themselves to Mom’s leg and never let go. We also get our share of wild ones that barely sit still long enough to get a picture. We love them all. We are a kid friendly place. We have lots of toys and all the kids no where the snack bucket is.

South Dakota Children Photography: Colter & Brayden


South Dakota Family Photography:Foster Family


Birthday Club: Elijah & Madysen

Elijah and Madysen both took advantage of the birthday club this month. If you join the birthday club you get a free session and 3×6 magnet. Here are a few of their pictures and the free magnets.


elimag copy


Children Photography: Orion & Brodie

Orion and Brodie came into the Studio for a suprise Christmas present for their mother. We had a blast taking their pictures and as you can see they were all smiles.


Paige Turns 5!

Paige is turning 5!

Paige is part of the birthday club here at Black Studios. We enjoy seeing her change from year to year.


Renaas Family







Skylar & Liberty





Grace’s 2 Year Picture’s






Just hanging out at the studio

We like to think that we have a pretty kid friendly place. This afternoon we have Nathan, Claire and Jack enjoying a snack and watching a little Disney on the big screen while Mom picked out their pictures right after their session.


Adalyn & Dyson

Newborn Adalyn and big brother Dyson


Hayden turned three this September and loved playing in the leaves



Braylon at 9 months – South Dakota Baby Photography

Braylon is almost walking on his own. Give him something to hang onto and he is just fine.