On the Road Again – Waldner’s – Madison SD Family Pictures

You’ll find all of Mike and Lori’s family on the road going to and from some sort of sports event. It might be a triathlon, a half-marathon, swimming, wrestling, football or track. I get tired just thinking of all of that dedication.

Mader Christmas – Madison South Dakota Family Pictures

We’ve been busy with family pictures for Christmas. The madness is starting to slow down. We do have a few sessions available yet, but don’t wait to call.

Waldner Family – Madison South Dakota Family Pictures

Mike and Lori brought their family out to the studio. It was a nice enough day that we ended up doing the entire session outside. Here are a few of their favorite images.

We do have two spots open on this Saturday for family pictures. Call ElizaBeth at the studio if you are interested – 586-4143.

Michelke Family – Madison South Dakota Family Pictures

I’ve known Debi literally all of my life. She was always hanging out at our farm place with my mother and the horses when I was growing up. Here are a few from their family session several weeks ago.

Teel Family – Colton South Dakota Family Photography

It just seems like yesterday that we photographed Kazzie’s wedding and now look at her family. How many of you remember her from her basketball days playing for Dakota State?

Yes you still have time for family pictures before Christmas, but don’t put off calling for your session too much longer.

Brielle – Sioux Falls South Dakota Baby Photography

Christopherson – South Dakota Family Pictures

Another family from last Fall.

Marv and Ruth

Christmas presents come in many forms. We like the gift of portraits. Marv and Ruth came up in early December for their session.

Ruth has sold Avon for years. If you’ve needed your washer or dryer repaired in the last 50 years, Marv has probably been to your house.

They were first the parents of my classmate David. They were then our next door neighbors. We now call them friends.

Marv and Ruth never seemed to age in our eyes, but time tints our memories. They take life a little easier these days, still going but working less.

Myrvik Family – South Dakota Family Pictures

The Myrvik family came to the studios for some post Christmas pictures. Here’s their 4×10 composite image.

Allen Family Christmas Card – Madison South Dakota Family Pictures

We’ve been doing pictures for the Allen family for a very long time. Here’s their Christmas card from last December.

Boys will be boys: Sievers Family – Rutland SD Family Photography

Branden and Delaina needed some new family pictures but the boys had more than a little fun posing for the camera. They were quite good at making goofy expressions.

We did get a few great images without the funny faces at the farm and at the studio.

Wieman Family Pictures – South Dakota Family Photography

We can finally show off some pictures now that all of the presents have been given out for Christmas. This is a 10×20 for Dad.

Spier Family Pictures – Madison SD Family Photography

Take yourself back in time not that long ago when the ground was not white and the temperatures were not freezing. We photographed the Spier family on a beautiful Fall afternoon at their place in Madison.

Elijah picking out pictures this morning

03-13-10 Elijah

Mike and Amy from Pierre brought Elijah for his 9 month pictures this morning. Elijah was wonderful to work with. He’s just about ready to take off walking on his own.

03-13-10 QRS_7790

Elijah was really into looking at himself on the screen. Every time Dad tried to sit down Elijah would throw a fit. Bring Elijah close to the screen and he would laugh and giggle.

03-13-10 QRS_7794

Mom and Dad are going to be thrilled when they get their pictures.

South Dakota Family Photography:Foster Family


Family Photography: Portrait Safaris


“Portrait Safaris” allow us to travel and photograph your family on location. Whether we are at Lake Madison like in this portrait of the Anderson Family or as far away as the Black Hills, we are able to capture you and your family happy and relaxed.

This summer’s first “Portrait Safari” will be at the Black Hills the first weekend in June – the same time as the Crazy Horse Volksmarch.

Please give ElizaBeth a call at the studio for more information – 1.877.586.4143.

Family Photography: The Falor Family


Nancy teaches at our local school and also manages the Rambler Stop. They came in before Christmas for their family pictures. We thought we’d share their card with you.

We’ve been busy since the Holidays. The usual winter slowdown that affects most photographers hasn’t shown up yet. We do have room to breathe which is very important after the Holiday rush.

Playtime is coming soon…

Sioux Falls South Dakota Family Photography: Kiley & family


Kiley had one of our Playtime sessions last year. We did her senior pictures over the summer with one of her classmates from Sioux Falls. Today we did a family session with her mom and two sisters.

Baby Photography: Taylor



We’ve known Taylor’s parents a long time…way before they got married…so it’s fun to watch their family grow. Taylor came in for her 3 month pictures and we thought we would share a couple.

Family Photography: Another New Year’s Card – The White’s


Baby Photography: Casey and Kari are going to have a baby!


Casey and Kari came from Pierre, South Dakota, for a maternity session on Saturday morning. It seems just like yesterday (really two years ago) that we photographed their wedding.

We thought that we’d post a teaser image right away. The rest of them will be processed in a couple of days.

FYI – ElizaBeth will be out of the studio until Tuesday. Mike will be in and out of the office on Monday. We will return all messages ASAP.

Playin’ in the snow: Allen family


We took the camera outside for Allen’s family session on Saturday. We had a natural “Winter Wonderland” complete with falling snow, brisk winds and cold temps.

Chantel and Shannon were good sports through it all.

Briella and family


Briella came in for her 6 month pictures as part of our Baby Plan.

Mom and Dad joined in for a family picture just in time for Christmas.

Bernard family


Bernard’s art print features a sunset that was a bit unusual: smoke from fires in Wyoming and Montana added a bit of haze to the sky that turned yellow as the sun set slowly into the western horizon.

Fiegen family

8-09-07_fiegenposterWe are making family sessions more fun whenever we can.

After a more formal family session in the studio, we headed out with the Fiegen family to Lake Madison for a little tubing fun. Rachel & Dacey even got a chance to get into the act. We’d like to thank the Fiegen family for the great evening.

We think that their art poster turned out very cool.