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Dallas & Gayle’s Engagement Pictures

Dallas and Gayle’s engagement pictures for their May 2010 Wedding!


Brian & Amanda’s Engagement Slideshow

Amber has been very busy putting together video slideshows. Her sister, Amanda and her fiance Brian are featured in her lastest creation. Watching the slideshow, I can tell you that I really miss seeing green outside. The fresh white snow is beautiful but with snow comes cold and I’m not used to it yet.

Tyler & Jill’s Engagement Slideshow

Jill & Tyler’s engagement guestbook

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Derek & Kay

Engagement Pictures of Derek & Kay for their July Wedding!


Tyler & Jill’s Engagement Pictures

Tyler & Jill’s Engagement Pictures for their August Wedding.


Kevin & Audrey’s Engagement Pictures

We just knew something was up at Aaron and Kirstin’s wedding on Labor Day weekend. Kevin was way too happy and animated to be considered “normal” behavior. He had a secret mission for that weekend and Audrey found was the reason.


Here are a few images from their engagement session.


Ryan & Whitney’s Engagement Pictures

Ryan & Whitney’s engagement pictures for their wedding in June.


Kyle & Laura’s Engagement Pictures

Kyle & Laura’s Engagement Pictures for their February wedding

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Brian & Amanda’s Engagement Pictures

We’ve been waiting on these two for a while, wondering not if but when. Sometimes you can tell when a couple is made for each other. That’s the way it is with Brian and Amanda. The downside is that we can’t pick on Jeff any more for “news” from the girls.

Amber was a big help with her sister’s engagement pictures. We caught the sunset at the perfect time because of her.


Marshall Minnesota Wedding Photography: Mathew & Kristi

Here’s a few images from Mathew and Kristi’s engagement session. We are still playing with what formats will work best for posting images in the new blog.
Mathew and Kristi engageMat and KristiAfter

Ryan & Krista Signature Mat – Flandreau SD Wedding Photography

We’ve been very busy the past few weeks and posting to the blog has sufferred. Stay tuned for a flury of updates.

Krista and Ryan came to the studio last night for their engagement session. Late afternoon drizzle looked like it would cause us to postpone, but the clouds went away by 6:30 and we were good to go.

Here’s Ryan and Krista’s signature mat image. We will have a very cool guest book ready for them in a few weeks.


Mark and Denise engagement – Wisconsin Wedding Photography

Mark and Denise came to visit Grandma a while back. We took some pictures at Memorial Park in Madison on a chilly Sunday.


Tiffany & Jeff’s engagement session



We spent the day with Tiffany & Jeff. They came from Wisconsin for their engagement portraits today.

Here’s a couple of fun ones.

Rachel & Kyle’s guestbook


We did Rachel & Kyle’s engagement portrait session right after a recent snowstorm.

To see their guestbook click HERE.

Paul & Kari’s Guestbook


To see Paul and Kari’s guestbook click HERE.

Katie & Cody engagement


Lindsay & Travis engagement


Lindsay and Travis came for their engagement session today. This is the image for their signature mat.

South Dakota Wedding Photography: Justin & Mirista engagement


Mirista and Justin’s signature mat

South Dakota Wedding Photography: Kyle and Rachel engagement


Rachel and Kyle’s signature mat

Wedding Photography Signature Mats



We’ve made a couple of changes in the way we do our engagement sessions.

As part of our wedding packages, we used to give a complimentary engagement session and one 5×7. No more. The 5×7 is going away. We are now doing 16×20 signature mats instead of the 5×7.

How’s that for cool.

There is only one condition on the 16×20 signature mat: you MUST put it out for the guests to sign.


We had several couples buy a signature mat print, only to decide at the last minute that it was too nice for the guests to write on.

Kendra & Jerae engagement

8-23-07_NDX_0245We thought we’d share an image from Kendra & Jerae’s engagement session. Their wedding is coming up next month in Madison and we have so much work to do.

Taking all the pictures is easy. It’s the computer work that gets in the way of sleeping. In two more months the rush will be over and we can rest up, but for now the old saying goes “You have to make hay when the sun shines!”

Russell & Kindra engagement

8-01-07_NDX_2246sepWe went to Russell’s farm to take his and Kindra’s engagement pictures.

We wandered the farmyard and ended up by the old silo, in front of the old hoghouse, the deck by the back door of the house and we even managed to find a little green grass.


1-27-07_NDX_7603It is the season for engagements. Sometimes a couple wants only a head and shoulders for the newspaper like this one of Jennifer and Nathan.

There is no limit to what we can put together these days: an image file for invitations, press printed folded cards, signature mats and even Vision Art albums for guestbooks. Yes, engagements can be more fun then ever before.