Madison Bulldogs victorious over the Dell Rapids Quarriers

I went to Dell Rapids on Friday night and took a few pics for Tuesday’s edition of the Madison Daily Leader. Here are a few from the game. Enjoy.

08-31 MHS 01 08-31 MHS 02 08-31 MHS 03 08-31 MHS 04 08-31 MHS 05 08-31 MHS 06 08-31 MHS 07 08-31 MHS 08 08-31 MHS 09 08-31 MHS 10 08-31 MHS 11 08-31 MHS 12 08-31 MHS 13 08-31 MHS 14 08-31 MHS 15 08-31 MHS 16 08-31 MHS 17 08-31 MHS 18 08-31 MHS 19 08-31 MHS 20 08-31 MHS 21 08-31 MHS 22 08-31 MHS 23 08-31 MHS 24 08-31 MHS 25 08-31 MHS 26 08-31 MHS 27 08-31 MHS 28 08-31 MHS 29 08-31 MHS 30 08-31 MHS 31 08-31 MHS 32 08-31 MHS 33 08-31 MHS 34 08-31 MHS 35 08-31 MHS 36

Goin’ to the Dome! Bulldogs Defeat Quarriers – Madison South Dakota Sports Photography

I love daytime football, but daytime football on the 10th of November is still COLD when the wind is blowing. Hot chocolate was in short supply at Trojan Field as the Bulldogs faced off in third round playoff action against the Dell Rapids Quarriers. The final score did not truly reflect how close the game was until the middle of the third quarter. Check out many images from yesterday afternoon below.

11-10 MHS 01

11-10 MHS 02

11-10 MHS 03

11-10 MHS 04

11-10 MHS 05

11-10 MHS 06

11-10 MHS 07

11-10 MHS 08

11-10 MHS 09

11-10 MHS 10

11-10 MHS 11

11-10 MHS 12

11-10 MHS 13

11-10 MHS 14

11-10 MHS 15

11-10 MHS 16

11-10 MHS 17

11-10 MHS 18

11-10 MHS 19

11-10 MHS 20

11-10 MHS 21

11-10 MHS 22

11-10 MHS 23

11-10 MHS 24

11-10 MHS 25

11-10 MHS 26

11-10 MHS 27

11-10 MHS 28

11-10 MHS 29

11-10 MHS 30

11-10 MHS 31

11-10 MHS 32

11-10 MHS 33

11-10 MHS 34

11-10 MHS 35

11-10 MHS 36

11-10 MHS 37

11-10 MHS 38

11-10 MHS 39

11-10 MHS 40

11-10 MHS 41

11-10 MHS 42

11-10 MHS 43

Going to Rapid City! Bulldogs Defeat Quarriers – Sioux Falls Sports Photography

Check out all of the pictures from the Madison Bulldogs victory over the Dell Rapids Quarriers last night at the Elmen Center in Sioux Falls.

03-06 MHS 01

03-06 MHS 02

03-06 MHS 03

03-06 MHS 04

03-06 MHS 05

03-06 MHS 06

03-06 MHS 07

03-06 MHS 08

03-06 MHS 09

03-06 MHS 10

03-06 MHS 11

03-06 MHS 12

03-06 MHS 13

03-06 MHS 14

03-06 MHS 15

03-06 MHS 16

03-06 MHS 17

ORR vs Dells St Mary Girls Varsity Basketball

It was Parents Night in Rutland on Friday night. Check out images below of the action.

02-12 ORR 01

02-12 ORR 02

02-12 ORR 03

02-12 ORR 04

02-12 ORR 05

02-12 ORR 06

02-12 ORR 07

02-12 ORR 08

02-12 ORR 09

02-12 ORR 10

02-12 ORR 11

02-12 ORR 12

02-12 ORR 13

02-12 ORR 14

02-12 ORR 15

02-12 ORR 16

02-12 ORR 17

02-12 ORR 18

02-12 ORR 19

Madison Bulldogs vs Quarriers Football – Dell Rapids South Dakota Sports Photography

It was a great night on Friday for Dell Rapids Football. Both Madison and ORR lost to their Dells opponents. Check out a few images below from the Quarriers/Bulldogs contest.

Barber Boys Football Poster – Dell Rapids Sports Photography

We are making up a few posters this Winter. Here is one we did of the Barber boys from Dell Rapids. The Quarriers played the Madison Bulldogs at Trojan Field.

10 ft tall and bulletproof – ORR vs St Mary JV Girls Basketball

Rutland freshman Karee Wicks always plays with abandon. The title from the Travis Tritt song, “10 ft tall and bulletproof” describes Karee’s style of play. She’s always going for the ball no matter how big the other player is. Check out a few of the images below.

ORR vs St Mary Jr High Girls Basketball – Triple OT

Rachel and her teammates went to Dell Rapids to play in the St Mary gym earlier this week. The ORR Lady Raiders jr high team was down to 6 players this week which made for an interesting game. Rachel fouled out late in the 4th quarter and Ashley followed her to the bench in the 1st OT. Brianna Renaas along with the 3 other girls left on the floor stepped up and almost won the game forcing the contest to a third OT playing shorthanded. Here are a few images from the exciting game.

Dell Rapids Lady Quarriers VS MHS Lady Bulldogs Girls Basketball

The Lady Quarriers traveled to Madison last night to take on the Lady Bulldogs. Here are a few images from the game.

Entringer Classic – Hamlin Chargers vs Dell Rapids Quarriers – Brookings South Dakota Sports Photography

The last game of the Entringer Scholarship Classic was Dell Rapids Public going against the Hamlin Chargers. Wes Hansen (23) was one of our seniors this summer. It’s always fun when you know someone that is playing. It looks as if Dells will have another strong team this year. Here are a few images from the game.

Wes – Dell Rapids South Dakota Senior Pictures

Sometimes it feels good to get out of the studio and travel. Wes requested that we come to Dell Rapids for some sports pictures on his home fields for baseball and football. We checked out the alleys downtown in Dell Rapids before heading back to the studio in Rutland. Here are a few of his favorites from the session.

Dell Rapids vs Aberdeen Roncalli: State A Boys Basketball – Rapid City Sports Photography

The Quarriers defeated Aberdeen Roncalli to secure third place in the South Dakota State A Boys Basketball Tournament in Rapid City last weekend. Here are a few images from the game.

Viborg/Hurley vs Dell Rapids: State A Boys Basketball – Rapid City Sports Photography

The Cougars faced off against the Quarriers in the second round of the State A Boys Basketball Tournament in Rapid City.

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Dell Rapids vs Redfield/Doland: State A Boys Basketball – Rapid City Sports Photography

The Quarriers beat the Madison Bulldogs in double OT to secure their trip to Rapid City and the State A Boys Basketball Tournament. Dell Rapids played Redfield/Doland in opening round action on Thursday night at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

Here are a few images that Dacey and I captured during the game. Yes, there are even more pictures than what we put on the website, but we don’t have room for them all. If you like what you see and want to use Black Studios for any of your photography needs, please call us at the studio: 1.877.586.4143.

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Dell Rapids Quarriers are State A bound – Sioux Falls Sports Photography

Here are a few images from Region action as the Quarriers secured a spot in the State A Tournament and a trip to Rapid City with a hard-earned double OT win over the Madison Bulldogs, the two time defending State A Champions.

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