Jeff and Courtney wedding video slideshow – Colman SD Wedding Photography

Check out Jeff and Courtney’s wedding video slideshow below.

More images from Jeff and Courtney’s wedding 01-21-11 – Colman SD Wedding Photography

Here are a few more images taken from Jeff and Courtney’s reception slideshow of their wedding day.

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Sneak Peak: Jeff and Courtney 01-21-2011 – Colman South Dakota Wedding Photography

We love all weddings, but Winter weddings are especially important to us. Just a little over 20 years ago on one of the coldest days I can every remember, ElizaBeth and I were married at West Center Baptist Church in Madison. The high was 16 below zero. No wedding day will ever be that cold.

Jeff and Courtney were married in Colman last Friday and believe me it was more than just a little chilly out. The wind was brisk and everything was bathed in white, but it was still a great day for a wedding. Here is a sneak peak of a few of their wedding images taken from the reception slideshow of their wedding day.

More to come later…