Chester vs ORR Girls District Basketball – Brrokings South Dakota Sports Photography

Happiness for Rutland seniors Bree and Taylor was ORR’s winning of the District Championship last night at the Swiftel Center in Brookings. The Chester Lady Flyers came up short in the last minute of the game. Check out a few pictures from last night’s action below.

02-24 ORR 01

02-24 ORR 02

02-24 ORR 03

02-24 ORR 04

02-24 ORR 05

02-24 ORR 06

02-24 ORR 07

02-24 ORR 08

02-24 ORR 09

02-24 ORR 10

02-24 ORR 11

02-24 ORR 12

02-24 ORR 13

02-24 ORR 14

02-24 ORR 15

02-24 ORR 16

02-24 ORR 17

Chester vs ORR Girls Basketball – Chester South Dakota Sports Photography

The ORR Lady Raiders established a healthy lead against the Lady Flyers only to see it disappear during the second half in last night’s game at Chester. Check out a few images from last night’s game below.

01-08 Chester ORR 01

01-08 Chester ORR 02

01-08 Chester ORR 03

01-08 Chester ORR 04

01-08 Chester ORR 05

01-08 Chester ORR 06

01-08 Chester ORR 07

01-08 Chester ORR 08

01-08 Chester ORR 09

01-08 Chester ORR 10

01-08 Chester ORR 11

01-08 Chester ORR 12

01-08 Chester ORR 13

01-08 Chester ORR 14

01-08 Chester ORR 15

01-08 Chester ORR 16

01-08 Chester ORR 17

01-08 Chester ORR 18

ORR vs Chester Flyers Boys Basketball – Rutland South Dakota Sports Photography

Check out images from the Chester/ORR boys basketball game at Rutland on Friday night.

12-22 ORR 01

12-22 ORR 02

12-22 ORR 03

12-22 ORR 04

12-22 ORR 05

12-22 ORR 06

Volleyball – Chester Flyers vs ORR – District 4B – Chester South Dakota Sports Photography

The Lady Flyers won their match tonight in three straight games, coming from way behind in game 2 against ORR. Check out a few images below.

Chester Lady Flyers District 4B Volleyball Champs

Congratulations to the Chester Lady Flyers.

Seahawks vs Flyers Football – Chester South Dakota Sports Photography

Some football action from a few weeks ago. It was COLD on the sidelines in Chester.

Canistota vs Chester Football – Chester South Dakota Sports Photography

Canistota continued its domination of 9 man football when they played Chester a few weeks ago. Here are a few images from the game.

Chester Lady Flyers vs ORR Lady Raiders Girls Basketball – Districts

Chester and ORR faced off last night in the District Championship Game at the Swiftel Center in Brookings last night. We have lots of intense expressions in some of the images below. I was impressed that the Lady Flyers all stayed on the floor and clapped as the ORR girls received their District Championship medals and trophy. That was a great example of sportsmanship that is too often lost in the heat of competition.

The Lady Raiders are one game away from going to the State B Tournament in Huron. They play Estelline later this week for the Region title.

ORR Lady Raiders vs Chester Lady Flyers in District Volleyball Action – Oldham South Dakota Sports Photography

Chester ended the Lady Raiders’ volleyball season last night in Oldham. The Lady Flyers had some incredible saves to win the match 3 games to 1 over the ORR girls. Here are a few images from last night’s action.

Brock – Chester SD Sports Photography

Dad asked for pictures of Brock from Chester’s game against Alcester-Hudson last Friday night.

Chester Flyers win over Alcester-Hudson in Football Friday night – Chester South Dakota Sports Photography.

Alcester-Hudson came to Chester with barely enough players, but gave the Chester Flyers a run for their money in football action on Friday night. Here are a few images from the game. For more details, read the Monday edition of the Madison Daily Leader.

Chester Flyers vs Howard Tigers Football – Howard South Dakota Sports Photography

Great game on Friday night and it came down to the final seconds of the clock to find a winner. Here are a few images from the game in Howard.

Chester vs Redfield/Doland: State A Boys Basketball – Rapid City Sports Photography

Congratulations to the Chester Flyers on being the 2011 State A Consolation Champions!

Chester Flyers vs Miller: State A Basketball – Rapid City SD Sports Photography

Chester entered the consolation round on Friday defeating the Miller Rustlers to move on to the Consolation Championship on Saturday. Here are a few images from the game.

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St Thomas More vs Chester: State A Boys Basketball – Rapid City Sports Photography

The Chester Flyers almost pulled out a win over the Cavaliers during the opening round of the South Dakota State A Boys Basketball Tournament in Rapid City. Chester lead for most of the game until St. Thomas More adjusted their style of play. A few missed shots by Chester and the Cavaliers took the game.

Here are a few images from the opening round game on Thursday night. Check out the sometimes intense facial expressions that Dacey and I captured.

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More Chester Flyer vs Garretson Boys Basketball – South Dakota Sports Photography

Here are the last of the images from the Garretson/Chester game last week.

Kreutzfeldt Boys: Chester Flyer Basketball – Chester South Dakota Sports Photography

The Kreutzfeldt boys always seem to be around the ball. Here are a few from the Chester/Garretson game last week.

Jordan: Chester Flyers Boys Basketball – Chester SD Sports Photography

Jordan is Chester’s big guy under the basket. Check out a few of his images from the Chester/Garretson game earlier this wee.

Keenan: Chester Flyers Boys Basketball – Chester SD Sports Photography

Keenan is one our Black Studios seniors. He’s not only gifted in basketball but football as well. Here are a few images from last week’s game against Garretson.

Keenan: Chester Flyers Boys Basketball – Chester South Dakota Sports Photography

Keenan is a three point specialist for the Chester Flyers. His dad invited me down to Chester for their game against Garretson. Here is the image we sent to the paper for this afternoon’s edition.

Madison Bulldogs vs Chester Flyers: Boys Basketball – South Dakota Sports Photography

The Madison Bulldogs pulled out a victory over the Chester Flyers last night in an Entringer Classic make up game. Colman’s very nice gym (great lighting) was full of fans on both sides.

I get asked all the time “What camera should I buy so I can take my own pictures of my kids playing basketball?”

My answer: “How much money do you want to spend?”

People assume that everything is easy because they see me with the nice camera and big lens. They see the cool pictures in the paper, but they don’t see the what I do when I get home. It takes 3 to 4 hours of computer processing time per game with expensive software on a very fast computer to get great images. It’s not as easy as you first might think.

My suggestion is for you to pay attention and enjoy the games and let whatever pro or newspaper is covering your event supply your pictures of your son or daughter. All you have to do is ask.

Chester vs Emery-Ethan FB Playoffs – South Dakota Sports Photography

After the Canistota FB game ended in the third quarter, Rachel and I headed to Emery to catch the second half of the Chester and Emery-Ethan game. Things looked pretty good for Chester at the start of the third quarter. The Flyers stopped Emery-Ethan in their tracks with a densive stand. They were ahead by 4 points. A bad snap sent the football into the endzone for a safety and cut Chester’s lead to 2 points. The safety switched momentum to Emery-Ethan.

Here are a few images from the game.

Keenan’s video slideshow – Chester South Dakota Senior Pictures

I’ve watched Keenan play football. This wide receiver can get the job done whether he’s going out for a pass or blocking down field during a running play. Keenan loves basketball too. He’s not going to have much of a break this year between sports. Chester has played tough this football season, only losing two games.

Here are Keenan’s favorites from his senior session along with a few action shots in a video slideshow.

Playoffs: Chester vs Howard Football – South Dakota Sports Photography

It was COLD last night at Chester’s football field for their game against Howard. After one half, the feeling had left my fingers. Here are a couple from the game.

Andrew: Chester South Dakota Sports Photography

Andrew came for his sales session tonight to look at his senior pictures. Before he left the studio with his family, I showed off some of the football pictures taken at two of Chester’s games. I always want to see the height of action: the ball at the end of the fingertips, eyes open and a determined expression. Here is one from the Canistota game. Andrew is number 33.

10-20-10 QRS_7985

Prairie Bowl: Chester vs Howard – South Dakota Sports Photography

I left for Sioux Falls at 3:00 on Friday afternoon. Howard and Chester were playing each other in the Prairie Bowl at Howard Wood Field. The game of these two rivals lived up to the hype.

We’ve photographed seniors on both teams. It was fun to see them in action and tough to decide who to cheer for. Here are a few from Friday night’s game.

09-13-10 QRS_9930

09-13-10 QRS_9962

09-13-10 QRS_9976

09-13-10 QRS_0010

09-13-10 QRS_0020

09-13-10 QRS_0027

09-13-10 QRS_0034

09-13-10 QRS_0043

09-13-10 QRS_0072

09-13-10 QRS_0086

09-13-10 QRS_0142

09-13-10 QRS_0183

09-13-10 QRS_0215

09-13-10 QRS_0238

09-13-10 QRS_0270