No More Hibernation — Bring out Your Cuties!

I think the cold has put us all in hibernation mode. It’s cold. It’s so much work to bundle up, to get the car started, to wander out on roads, not sure that they won’t be icy or blown over by the time you come home. Boy, can I relate! Here I am with Rachel a week ago on one of those zero degree days where I wasn’t brave enough to head to town but still needed a little exercise. This is usually a little mile section that we run the dog or the kids run for gym class. This day I couldn’t find the road on the whole mile. It was a good, challenging walk, but I was happy to see the snow plow come to open the back road up.

Having said that, No worries, we are so thankful to the snow plows that open up the paved road to Rutland every day, and also to great neighbors, Denny and the Carpers for keeping our alley and our parking area nice and clean so you can all come visit us. And, I’m going to plan on the cold weather finally breaking. Today, the weather crept up to 30 degrees. I was loving the feel of the sun on my face and being able to be out without hurrying to get out of the chill.

We had so much fun playing in the cold a couple weeks ago, with the Freeze Your Fanny 5k Run, that we decided to continue the fun and also the love we want to share with the Leah’s Kids organization. The group from Madison will be off to Guatemala in just a couple weeks, to help finish the house for the orphanage, but there is always continuing need for support at the orphanage. Mike and I have decided to find a new way to help them out. Of course, we want you to help out, too. So, here’s our new program.

We are announcing the Caring Cuties Contest. For the month of February, we are looking for cuties to come out and support the orphanage. $25 will enter your children into the contest, give you a 60 minute session, and a free 8×10. The entrance fee all goes to Leah’s Kids and the Casa Angelina orphanage. (Check out Then March 1-15, we will post our entries online for our viewers to vote for the cutest kids. We plan to have three categories of winners: zero to four year old, five to 12 year old, and groups –A great chance to get all the grandkids together in one portrait. Call today to set up your appointment 1.605.586.4143. Have an adorable idea to make your session more creative? Make sure you give us your idea when you call so we can plan for something fun.


  1. L Anderberg says:

    For some reason, Dacey looks like he is the same height at his sister!?! Is he shrinking!?

  2. That’s ElizaBeth next to Rachel.

  3. I think that the pics on the card look so cute.

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