Making the Grade – MHS Bulldogs Win in 1st Round – Madison SD Sports Photography

Sports can teach you lots of life lessons: learning the sacrifices needed to win and how to hold your head up after you lose. Being a part of a team means not letting down your friends and that can help motivate students to keep those grades up more than any parent can. I want to see everyone dressed for the playoff games so I can get them in pictures on the way to the dome. Keep those grades up….stepping off soapbox now…

Last night we had a late studio session which made me a few minutes late for the start of the game. No big deal I told myself – there would be plenty of time. I was wrong. As I pulled up to the parking lot the score was 35 to 0. I must’ve been running later than I thought…New rule when coming to Bulldog games: Be early.

Check out a few images from last night’s game below.

10-30 MHS 01

10-30 MHS 02

10-30 MHS 03

10-30 MHS 04


  1. Joanne Gilbert says:

    Are there any pictures of Brayden Gilbert kicking one of his 6 extra points? Just a proud grandmother that lives a looong way away.

  2. Check out the game against Vermillion.

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