Fiege Farm Harvest Bee

Neighbors, family and friends took time away from their own harvest and daily activities to help the Fiege Farm combine and transport 1100 acres of soybeans on Wednesday. With 25 combines, 50 plus trucks and many tractors and grain carts, it only took 4 hours actual time to get the crop out of the field. A couple of rain delays allowed for fellowship and story-telling before the job was done. Area businesses provided lunch in the fields and Farm Bureau cooked burgers at the end of the day. My thanks go to Roger Schrepel and Jerry Gehrels for organizing the event, area farmers that gave up part of their busy season to remember a friend and my dad for helping me locate the many fields as we took pictures.

It was a fitting tribute to David Fiege.

10-02 Fiege

10-03 Fiege 01

10-03 Fiege 02

10-03 Fiege 03

10-03 Fiege 04

10-03 Fiege 05

10-03 Fiege 06

10-03 Fiege 07

10-03 Fiege 08

10-03 Fiege 09

10-03 Fiege 10

10-03 Fiege 11

10-03 Fiege 12

10-03 Fiege 13

10-03 Fiege 14

10-03 Fiege 15

10-03 Fiege 16

10-03 Fiege 17

10-03 Fiege 18

10-03 Fiege 19

10-03 Fiege 20

10-03 Fiege 21

10-03 Fiege 22

10-03 Fiege 23

10-03 Fiege 24

10-03 Fiege 25

10-03 Fiege 26

10-03 Fiege 27

10-03 Fiege 28

10-03 Fiege 29

10-03 Fiege 30

10-03 Fiege 31

10-03 Fiege 32

10-03 Fiege 33

10-03 Fiege 34

10-03 Fiege 35

10-03 Fiege 36

10-03 Fiege 37

10-03 Fiege 38

10-03 Fiege 39

10-03 Fiege 40

10-03 Fiege 41

10-03 Fiege 42

10-03 Fiege 43

10-03 Fiege 44

10-03 Fiege 45

10-03 Fiege 46

10-03 Fiege 47

10-03 Fiege 48

10-03 Fiege 49

10-03 Fiege 50

10-03 Fiege 51

10-03 Fiege 52

10-03 Fiege 53

10-03 Fiege 54

10-03 Fiege 55

10-03 Fiege 56

10-03 Fiege 57

10-03 Fiege 58

10-03 Fiege 59

10-03 Fiege 60

10-03 Fiege 61

10-03 Fiege 62

10-03 Fiege 63

10-03 Fiege 64

10-03 Fiege 65

10-03 Fiege 66

10-03 Fiege 67

10-03 Fiege 68

10-03 Fiege 69

10-03 Fiege 70

10-03 Fiege 71


  1. Mike, Thanks so much for sharing these awesome pictures of the Feige harvesting. What an awesome community we live in. Also, what an awesome way to spend your 50th bday, huh?

    Cindy Christiansen

  2. Robin Bettmann says:

    Mike – Thank You for taking these pictures. You captured the support the community provided to my sister Carolyn and family. Looking at these pictures and the many faces of those who helped brings a tear to my eye and a smile to by face. I can’t help but think of all the memories shared and stories told out in the fields yesterday. Dave would be humbled by this outpouring yet so Thankful for helping his family.
    Thanks for capturing this event.
    Robin (Van Rosendale) Bettmann

  3. Jerry and Julie Gehrels says:

    Mike – Your 50th birthday?!?!?!?! You should have said something as we would have loved to sing Happy Birthday to you. Also, we could have taken your picture!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for capturing the day for all of us. The day was healing to many and humbling to many. We are truly blessed to live in a community who takes very precious time from their own harvesting schedules to help those in need. We seriously want to thank everyone who was involved and especially want to thank you for your time and talent. You simply are the best!

  4. Karen Feige says:

    Thank you Mike. The pictures are awesome. It was a healing day for a helpless feeling when you lose a man so respected and so well liked & loved. We are blessed to live in a community that has such care and compassion. Pictures tell a thousand words and yours says it all.

  5. Char Alverson says:

    These are wonderful pictures of wonderful people!

  6. Bob Sturdevant says:

    What a great bunch of people helping out a neighbor. You know who your friends are when help is needed and very much appreciated.

  7. Julie Hawke Duffy says:

    Thank you for the Beautiful Tribute to Dave Feiges Family. The support here with all the family and friends and all the community who helped put this together and get the work done! It is just beautiful! I am crying as I am looking at all the pictures and am reminded how proud I am to say
    that I am from South Dakota and this is just too beautiful for words.

  8. Becky Eide says:

    Mike, what wonderful pictures these are! I’m so happy that this day was captured for our friends the Feiges! As Randy and I looked at them we recognized the many familiar faces of so many wonderful people in this community and it made us miss living amongst everyone! A great representation of friends helping in a time of need!! What a blessing this was for Feiges!! An overwhelming amount of amazing support! We can only imagine the wonderful stories told in the group and in the field! And happy birthday! You won’t forget where you were on your birthday in 2013! Becky Eide

  9. Dawn Petersen Schaben says:

    Thank you for posting these pictures. The support of friends and family in a farming community just can not be explained but pictures like this capture the spirit. Thoughts and prayers to the Feige and Van Rosendale families. Dawn (Petersen) Schaben

  10. Verlyn and Pat Johnson says:

    We so appreciate you taking and posting these pictures of the recent Feige harvesting event. Good, good people in that Wentworth and Madison communities. Small town Middle America at it’s best! Blessings on all who participated and to the Feige and VanRosendale families.

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