Spirit of 6!

Rachel’s cheer team from Aberdeen Central won the Spirit of 6 Award during the Girls State AA Tournament in Brookings last weekend. I am one proud Dad. Here are a few images from Dacey.

03-18 Spirit 6 01

03-18 Spirit 6 02

03-18 Spirit 6 03

03-18 Spirit 6 04

03-18 Spirit 6 05

03-18 Spirit 6 06

03-18 Spirit 6 07

03-18 Spirit 6 08

Lake Brandt Ice Races Benefit for Ashley

Dacey and I went down to Lake Brandt to check out the Ice Races in front of the Shipwreck Inn just north of Chester last Sunday. Area racers came out to support Ashley. Check out some of the pictures below.

03-10 Lake 01

03-10 Lake 02

03-10 Lake 03

03-10 Lake 04

03-10 Lake 05

03-10 Lake 06

Newborn Images – Equine Style

I checked on the two mares just before 11 last night on the way home. I knew that she was ready to pop and was pawing the ground. Mom found a new baby all dried off and ready to nurse in the wee hours of the morning. Here are a few from this morning – less than 8 hours old.

04-10 Foal 01

04-10 Foal 02

04-10 Foal 03

04-10 Foal 04

04-10 Foal 05

04-10 Foal 06

Fiege Farm Harvest Bee

Neighbors, family and friends took time away from their own harvest and daily activities to help the Fiege Farm combine and transport 1100 acres of soybeans on Wednesday. With 25 combines, 50 plus trucks and many tractors and grain carts, it only took 4 hours actual time to get the crop out of the field. A couple of rain delays allowed for fellowship and story-telling before the job was done. Area businesses provided lunch in the fields and Farm Bureau cooked burgers at the end of the day. My thanks go to Roger Schrepel and Jerry Gehrels for organizing the event, area farmers that gave up part of their busy season to remember a friend and my dad for helping me locate the many fields as we took pictures.

It was a fitting tribute to David Fiege.

10-02 Fiege

10-03 Fiege 01

10-03 Fiege 02

10-03 Fiege 03

10-03 Fiege 04

10-03 Fiege 05

10-03 Fiege 06

10-03 Fiege 07

10-03 Fiege 08

10-03 Fiege 09

10-03 Fiege 10

10-03 Fiege 11

10-03 Fiege 12

10-03 Fiege 13

10-03 Fiege 14

10-03 Fiege 15

10-03 Fiege 16

10-03 Fiege 17

10-03 Fiege 18

10-03 Fiege 19

10-03 Fiege 20

10-03 Fiege 21

10-03 Fiege 22

10-03 Fiege 23

10-03 Fiege 24

10-03 Fiege 25

10-03 Fiege 26

10-03 Fiege 27

10-03 Fiege 28

10-03 Fiege 29

10-03 Fiege 30

10-03 Fiege 31

10-03 Fiege 32

10-03 Fiege 33

10-03 Fiege 34

10-03 Fiege 35

10-03 Fiege 36

10-03 Fiege 37

10-03 Fiege 38

10-03 Fiege 39

10-03 Fiege 40

10-03 Fiege 41

10-03 Fiege 42

10-03 Fiege 43

10-03 Fiege 44

10-03 Fiege 45

10-03 Fiege 46

10-03 Fiege 47

10-03 Fiege 48

10-03 Fiege 49

10-03 Fiege 50

10-03 Fiege 51

10-03 Fiege 52

10-03 Fiege 53

10-03 Fiege 54

10-03 Fiege 55

10-03 Fiege 56

10-03 Fiege 57

10-03 Fiege 58

10-03 Fiege 59

10-03 Fiege 60

10-03 Fiege 61

10-03 Fiege 62

10-03 Fiege 63

10-03 Fiege 64

10-03 Fiege 65

10-03 Fiege 66

10-03 Fiege 67

10-03 Fiege 68

10-03 Fiege 69

10-03 Fiege 70

10-03 Fiege 71

Hot Band Tonight!

Our daughter Rachel was a bit warm as she played during halftime.

09-07 Hot Band

The South Dakota State Fair!

I loaded up the kids and my father yesterday morning and headed to Huron to the SD State Fair. I waited until evening to get the tripod and camera out to capture the lights of the rides.

09-02 State Fair 01

09-02 State Fair 02

Rachel’s friend Ashley rode the scrambler with Riston before heading home.

09-02 State Fair 03

It looks like Dacey got more than his share of afternoon sun.

09-02 State Fair 04

DQ Miracle Treat Day – The Jump (that wasn’t)

Cloud cover over the Madison Airport prevented SD Governor Dennis Daugaard and DeLon Mork from skydiving last night. It sounds as if the governor would try to come back again for another try. Check out pictures from last night.

08-16 DQ 01

08-16 DQ 02

08-16 DQ 03

08-16 DQ 04

08-16 DQ 05

08-16 DQ 06

08-16 DQ 07

08-16 DQ 08

08-16 DQ 09

08-16 DQ 10

08-16 DQ 11

08-16 DQ 12

08-16 DQ 13

08-16 DQ 14

08-16 DQ 15

Prairie Village Car Show

I was going to stay home on the Sunday of the Prairie Village Car Show but a phone call from my dad changed my mind. Check out a few of the rides below.

08-14 PV 01

08-14 PV 02

08-14 PV 03

08-14 PV 04

08-14 PV 05

08-14 PV 06

08-14 PV 07

08-14 PV 08

08-14 PV 09

08-14 PV 10

08-14 PV 11

08-14 PV 12

08-14 PV 13

08-14 PV 14

Miracle Treat Day at the Madison Dairy Queen – 2013 Edition

Another year of record sales for Miracle Treat Day!

08-09 DQ 01

08-09 DQ 02

08-09 DQ 03

08-09 DQ 04

08-09 DQ 05

08-09 DQ 06

08-09 DQ 07

08-09 DQ 08

08-09 DQ 09

08-09 DQ 10

08-09 DQ 11

08-09 DQ 12

08-09 DQ 13

08-09 DQ 14

08-09 DQ 15

No more braces!

Rachel got her braces off today!

08-08 Rachel 1

08-08 Rachel 2

Go Rachel!

Rachel won the Rutland geography bee at school earlier this week. We are very proud of our daughter!

01-10 QRT_3505

TriSchool Chorus Concert in Ramona

Rachel and her friends and classmates were part of the TriSchool Chorus Concert tonight in Ramona.

Chester Band Dinner

It seems to be a bit weird not to be recognized as photographers, but for at least today we were known not as the owners of Black Studios but instead as Dacey parents. We worked in the kitchen washing and drying pans for the Chester Band Dinner before enjoying the mashed potatoes and turkey ourselves while listening to a great performance by the various bands. The high school band rocked.

Rutland School Board Meeting Last Night

Your local school board always welcomes visitors. If you want to see what is going on and become more involved in your local community, attend the next meeting.

Fun at Prairie Village – 2012 Edition

You can’t walk more than a few steps at Prairie Village without running into your friends, family and neighbors. Lowell was here from California visiting his dad the mayor. Uncle Jim was hanging out with his son Gary and his family. Rhonda was with her husband Gary. Steve was riding with his wife Kristi in the parade. A bunch of Rutland kids and parents were driving their family’s tractors in the special John Deere parade.

Rachel and Dacey’s Fun with 4-H Photography

Check out a few of Rachel and Dacey’s entries at the Lake County Achievement Days that are going on to the State Fair.

Grandpa Charlie is running for the legislature

The kids are excited that their Grandpa Charlie is running for the legislature. ElizaBeth and I went down to Orland last night and did a few pictures for the campaign.

Miracle Treat Day at the Madison South Dakota Dairy Queen

Yesterday was a wild one for DeLon and his crew at the Madison Dairy Queen for Miracle Treat Day. Here are a few images from last evening’s festivities.

Don’t forget to get a meal as you use your blizzard coupons over the rest of the year.

Celebrating Independence Day with a Parade in Ramona

We enjoyed a very warm Fourth of July Parade in Ramona. Here are a few images.

Dell Rapids Quarry Days Car Show – 2012 Edition

Last Sunday was a perfect day for Dacey and I to take in the Quarry Days car show in Dell Rapids. We took our time check out everything for Rat Rods to motorcycles. The atmosphere was relaxed and many of the owners gave us the story of their car’s history. Here are a few images from the show.

Ice Cream Overload – Heat and the Large DQ Blizzard

As usual we were out photographing baseball teams. We decided to take a little break and head for the DQ. DeLon was out coaching his team in the heat as I was filling my need for ice cream. I normally just do the small blizzard but I decided since I’m a big guy that I could splurge and get the large Oreo Blizzard. My eyes were almost bigger than my stomach. Don’t forget that Miracle Treat Day is coming up soon.

Happy 25th Anniversary Gary and Rhonda

Friends and family gathered at the Hillside on Sunday evening for a surprise party celebrating Gary and Rhonda’s 25th wedding anniversary…and yes they were surprised. They knew something was up but didn’t expect the scale of gathering. Happy anniversary Gary and Rhonda!

Tillage at Sunset

Just to the north of Rutland last night…

Happy Birthday Grandma Beth!

We celebrated Grandma Beth’s birthday at Bethel Home on Saturday.

Weekend Storms – Hail, Rain, Flooding and Erosion

Lots of hail on Saturday morning.

Water flowed over Hwy 34/81 west of Madison into the Madison Country Club Sunday morning.

The beaches and campground at Lake Herman State Park suffered flooding at the water level rose on Sunday afternoon.

Hwy 19 was closed to traffic.

Damage at Johnson’s Point at Lake Madison


Many area roads had their gravel end up in the ditch as rainwater washed it away.

Poetry Reading at the Rambler Stop

The Tuesday coffee crowd at the Rambler Stop got a treat this morning from the Jr High classes at Rutland School. Rachel and her classmates read poetry that they had composed and submitted for publication. A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Olson for bring the kids down.

We Need More People Like DeLon Mork – Madison Dairy Queen

Madison needs more business leaders like DeLon Mork. Now I’ve known DeLon a very long time. Just tonight when we stopped in at the DQ for a quick treat after church, DeLon was out in the restaurant talking to his customers. I don’t care much for politics: whether you are Republican or Democrat doesn’t make that much of a difference to me. What matters is getting out and making a difference in your community to make it a better place. DeLon doesn’t do things for personal glory. He uses the Dairy Queen to continue the legacy of giving taught to him by his parents.

You’ll see many like DeLon in Madison volunteering their time, talent and money. Drive by the soccer fields in the next few weeks and you will find SoccerMadison’s Spring season in full swing. Jeff Boldt has brought another sport to the young people of Madison. Joining Jeff are many sponsors and volunteer coaches. Baseball, softball and tee all are just around the corner. It takes a huge crew to make all of this happen.

There are those out there that only dwell on the shortcomings of Lake County and what we don’t have. I say that Madison and the surrounding area is a great place to live, work and play.

ElizaBeth and I took these shots of DeLon for an upcoming feature story in a magazine.

Tri-School Concert

Rachel and her friends played for us during the Tri-School Concert tonight in Ramona. Students from Oldham-Ramona, Rutland and Colman-Egan played for the assembled crowd in the Ramona Gym. Check out some of the images below.

Happy New Year from Black Studios!

Happy New Year!

Like everyone else out there, we are making our New Year’s resolutions on how to make our lives better in 2012 and trying to keep up with our soon to be teenage daughter and our son.

Balance is the word for the new year.

I am glad to see the end of 2011. It has been a challenging last year. So far 2012 has been on the blustery side but there has been little cold or snow so far this Winter.

Afternoon Sunset

It gets dark way too early this time of year. Outside pictures have to be done before 5:00 pm or it’s just too dark out. On our way to Rachel’s girls basketball game in Ramona on Thursday night, the sunset was beautiful at about 4:45. I fee bad for the people that live in the city that never get to enjoy a prairie sunrise or sunset.