Baby Plan: Jack turns one



Jack is turning 1 yr old next week.

Wow, does time fly and the little ones change so fast.

Now we really haven’t promoted our Baby Plan and Birthday Club, but that dosn’t mean we aren’t busy having fun with little ones.

You have to have patience with babies. We don’t just allow 15 minutes and herd you through here like cattle. No, we take our time and let the kids get comfortable first and then we can take pictures.

You get to pick out your images right away, saving huge amounts of time and gas. Now if we didn’t quite get what you wanted the first time, we can easily take a few more without having to schedule a new appointement. The longer the kids are here, the more they seem to like it. Our studio is big enough that they can run and play and still be in plain sight.

Now Jack was happy enough when he came this morning but the smiles and giggles took a while to come out. ElizaBeth started playing peekaboo with Jack and before long we had big grins. We kept Jack leaning over the end of the couch and brought one of our lights over to him.

Like most 1 yr olds, Jack is still working on getting this walking thing mastered so we dug out a box for him to lean against to keep his balance and make him feel more secure.